Karan Kapoor “Mr. Kapoor is a thorough professional equipped with immigration laws and experience. He has been instrumental in helping us through the entire application procedure and we will continue to seek his counsel and advice in future. We thank him and his team for their support at every stage of the procedure and highly recommend My Immigration Help for their services.

Justin Whippo ” I was at a loss for who and where to turn for assistance with obtaining a partner visa for Australia. After much google searching, I ran across Sanjayai and that was the BEST search result ever. His professionalism and patience are astonishing. He stuck with my fiance and myself every step of the way even through our own difficult times, and never lost site of our goal. With his perseverance not only did I obtain my provisional partner visa, I also upfront received my second stage, subclass 100 visa which was completely unexpected. There are not enough words to describe how pleased I am with Sanjayai and the ultimate outcome. He comes highly recommended for your immigration needs without hesitation. I am 100% satisfied with his service and if you are reading this and need help with your immigration needs, than you need not look any further.

Completely satisfied and unsolicited testimony. Thank you sir if you also read this. I am in your debt.

Vipin Kumar ” I really appreciate the services that I have received from Mr Kapoor and his team. Everything was done quickly and efficiently without wasting time. Mr Kapoor not only guided me but kept me informed and updated throughout the whole process regarding any changes in immigration laws which I appreciate the most. Also, at My Immigration, one thing which I liked the most, they are not like other agents who are after your money. They guide you and advice you whatever suits you best and they will be completely honest with you. I would highly recommend Mr Kapoor for all the aspirants who are intending to settle in AU or Canada. Thanks again Mr Kapoor.

Noel Roland Ingty “Sanjayai is a professional MARA agent who has through knowledge on all immigration processes. Unlike other Immigration Agents, Immigration Help assessed my documents even before any payment was made, and informed me that I had the skills to get Permanent Residency. This was the foremost reason that I decided to go with his services. Sanjayai gave me accurate advice at every stage and was always there when needed. He is an agent that does not beat around the bush, and he tells you what he thinks straight up. I would highly recommended his services to all aspirants who want to move to Australia, NZ or Canada. Thanks again Sanjayai for all your help. ”

Itohan Oigbokie “I got to know Sanjayai through a family friend who had previously made use of his services for immigration. I would like to commend his effort as well as that of his team members in guiding my family & I, all through the process. He is someone who knows his onions (very knowledgeable) and was ever willing to put us through whenever we didn’t understand any process. He comes in highly recommended for his expertise in the immigration process.”

Paritosh Chaudhary “Sanjayai is a thorough professional and has a firm grip on the immigration process. He will tell you exactly what he thinks relevant to your case and circumstances, with no frosted sugar coating. I was in a bit of a dilemma before approaching him to initiate my Immigration process, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions. Sanjayai not only helped to get my Permanent Residency in less than five months but also elaborated the entire procedure even when I was losing my patience. I would highly recommend Immigration Help to those who are looking to immigrate to Australia.”

Karan I had chosen Sanjayai Kapoor as my representative in June; I have just received my PR all thanks to him. Although my case was complex, he was with me all along. I would HIGHLY recommend his services.


Digvijay LohiaThanks a lot, sir, thanks for all the effort you have put in, blessed to have you as my agent.
Anitha Sethu Thanks Sanjayai for all your help in getting my Australian PR.

Bimalendra Kumar Sanjayayi was mentioned to me by a friend for help in migrating to Australia. I contacted his Delhi office in Feb 2013 and today on 9th May 2014 he has handed me my Aussie PR. The detailed experience of past 14 months has been excellent and during this period I interacted with him through mails and phone and he has been thorough professional in his work. He has always beaten the deadlines to my surprise. The personal attention to details was mind blowing, considering that he must be handling scores of cases at same time. However I have never met him in person, I have also never visited his office. All happened over mail but the relationship developed between has been very strong. Ms Jaspreet at his Delhi office also immense help and very very professional, Thank you Jaspreet. His knowledge of Australian laws and various department’s working style has definitely saved me few months in getting my PR. As many of my friends who have either secured the PR before or started more or less together with me with some other immigration experts had projected an average time of of 18 to 24 months for getting the PR visa grant letter in your hand. In my case the whole time taken was 14 months which was too quick as I had to request him to prolong the process so that my wife can get more time to clear her IELTS and also I get enough time to accumulate funds. Had I not delayed it by few months in between he would have got my my Visa grant in 12 months for sure. All in all it was fantastic experience working with Mr. Sanjayayi Kapoor. Mr. Kapoor you are one of the best in your field, keep up the good work. One more thing the amount of hard work you have put in my case and the professional fee you charged for the same is far too less then what your competitors had quoted me during my initial research period. That’s an added advantage over competition. My timeline: 6th Feb 2013 – sent documents to his delhi office for scrutiny. 10th Oct 2013 – filed for state nomination 7th Nov 2013 – State Nomination granted 19th Dec 13 – Visa applied on April 14 – Medicals completed 9th May 14 – Visa granted

Saurabh Raghav Hello Mr. Kapoor,
“One of the best decisions Me and My Wife have ever made was to engage the services of Immigration Help, without Mr, Sanjayai Kapoor and his Team, We would not have this enormous smile that’s been on Our face since our Visa was granted. Mr. Kapoor has been extremely patient with me when I was feeling negative or impatient about my chances during the Application process and answered every question, however trivial (and there’s been a lot!) with a professional approach. Every concern I had was dealt with quickly to place my mind at ease and encouraged me on to the next step.I would like to say on behalf of Latika and Myself a MASSIVE THANK YOU!!!”
Bhupendar Choudhary Highly professional & very informative
Mr. Sanjayai is the best visa consultant I’ve met so far. Very helpful & gave me accurate advice on how surely I will be able to accomplish the visa. It takes efforts & patience but its all worth it. Any day I can recommend him, 100% trustable
Romeo Mark Mateo “Mr. Sanjayai is very helpful in assisting me on my permanent residency. He is very detailed in asking me the requirement and gave me honest advice on how surely I will be able to accomplish the visa. It takes a lot effort and patience but it’s all worth it. Learn how to wait for more of his instructions and he can be able to handle everything and gives you the result in the set amount of time. You can surely trust him 100%. Thank you for guiding me the right way. Finally, I can work in Australia.”
Vinod Nair (Subclass 189 Visa Holder) ”I would like to share my experience with Immigration Help in getting Australian PR.
It was around mid-2013 when I and my wife decided to migrate to Australia. After a lot of research, it became evident we would need the help of an experienced professional to guide us through the entire Visa process. As I am a Mechanical Engineer, the first and foremost step for me was to obtain a positive skill and experience assessment from Engineers Australia. This step was also not easy as it involved preparation of Competency Development Report (CDR) and project reports.
We met Mr. Sanjayai Kapoor in Dec 2013 in Delhi and he explained to us the entire Skill Assessment and Visa processes in detail. He came across as a very practical and straight-forward person and we instantly decided to take his services. Afterwards, he and his team helped us through the entire processes in a very systematic and professional manner. I received a positive skill assessment from Engineers Australia in July 2014 and we finally got our PR grant in Dec 2014. We are very thankful to Mr. Sanjayai Kapoor and his team members for taking us through the entire process. I would strongly recommend his services to everyone who is looking forward to migrating to Australia.
Thanks a lot Immigration Help.
”Thanks & Regards
Jalpa Desai ( Microbiologist) Mr. Sanjayai Kapoor helped us from the very beginning and stayed with us throughout the entire process. He was an amazing resource, providing steady, calm and excellent guidance and advice throughout what was quite a lengthy and complicated process.
I would strongly recommend Immigration help to anyone in need of immigration advice, having full faith and confidence in Mr. Sanjayai Kapoor extreme professionalism. Unlike some of the other migration agents I had met, Mr. Sanjayai had an eye for detail. He has the ability to thoroughly study the case and then create a road map and plan to assist his client in very ethical manners. I am very grateful to Immigration help for their help and support throughout this process.
Ms Chinenye (Petroleum Engineer) “Sanjayai is a thorough professional who knows his onions as regards immigration process. I have 100% confidence in his abilities and have of course recommended him to lots of my friends. One very good attribute of Sanjayai is his honesty and diligence, thus, I will recommend him over and over again.”
Mr. Baldev Singh (Transport Manger) “The application for a permanent visa in Australia can be an intimidating and daunting experience given that the paperwork involved is tremendous and the Australian laws are labyrinthine and designed to deter. Thankfully, the navigation through the dark waters was made easier by Immigration Help with consultants that have the experience and credibility, using their knowledge to the fullest degree while assisting me with my application. It was in their able hands that my application reached its happy and positive conclusion.”
Dr. Ashraful Mamun “I was looking for an Australian Migration Agency online when I found Immigration Help. With its long list of inspirational and encouraging testimonials and it’s almost 100% success rate for visa application, I decided to hire their services. I was impressed with their friendly staff, expert and courteous consultants. The consultant gave clear directions, explained each and every possible scenarios and options for my Australian Visa. What I appreciate most is that every member of the team that I dealt with is all friendly, easily contactable and approachable. My application was submitted in 2-3 weeks time, I was so happy when my agent called me to convey the great news – my PR was granted. Indeed I was right this time around as I found an excellent, efficient and professional team but more importantly, a caring Australian Migration Agency.”
Mr. Onkardeep Singh “Very pleased I chose to go with Immigration Help for my Permanent Residency. Sanjayai was wonderful & always willing to help me and my employer with my RSMS. I would recommend anyone using Immigration Help, their knowledge and understanding of the system is wonderful and took all the stress out of the process. Thank you for everything!”
Mrs. Jubee Thekkekara Jose & Family “I am Very impressed with the services provided by Immigration Help to its clients. Thanks for all the help and top quality advice you gave in helping us with our successful application for an Australian permanent residency visa. Would recommend you to anyone who is considering moving to Australia.”


Wincy Cardose (Training & Development) “Sanjay has expertise knowledge about all the rules and regulations in Australia. He has been extremely helpful for my family to immigrate to Australia. He has a very keen eye on every minute detail provided by you and is also very attention to detail oriented. He is extremely straight forward and will give you the real picture about your prospects to settle abroad. He has made our dreams come true and so you can trust him anytime.”
Sanjeev Chauhan (GM at Atlas Cycles (Haryana) Limited) “An astute professional. He is expert of his domain and is man of words. I will give high recommendations for him as CEO of Immigration Help…”
Rajesh Singh (System Analyst at R N Pty Ltd.) “I would like to thank Immigration Help for making my dream of moving to Australia come true. My 176 skilled migration was granted in record time, just had to wait for only 9months yet i had anticipated about 18 months. It’s been a long journey but having Sanjayai by my side, everything just fell into place. Thank you so much Sanjayai for all the support, tireless efforts, advice, always responding promptly. I am so happy with your services and wouldn’t hesitate recommending you to anyone planning on moving to Oz.”
Bhavesh Jain (Senior Consultant at IBM Australia) “Prior to choosing an immigration migration agent, I did a lot of research on the internet and immigration blogs, reading people’s opinions and problems they were having with some immigration migration agents. During my research, I found a great article authored by Sanjayai Kapoor. I couldn’t have asked for a better migration agent! He handled my case in a professional, honest manner, stayed in touch and is a very knowledgeable immigration expert, which is important as immigration laws are constantly changing. I trust Sanjayai as I would myself. I would also like to add that the entire team at Immigration Help was wonderful, always nice, friendly and eager to help.”
Rishi Gulati (Accounting Professional) “The service provided by Immigration Help was beyond what we had expected. They responded quickly to any inquiries we had and were respectful and efficient. I don’t believe we’d have our Australian visa so quickly if we had not used Immigration Help services. I would recommend their services to everyone.”


Amit Gupta “The immigration service provided for my family by Immigration Help has been first class. The information given to me in regard to procedures and expectations has always been honest and realistic. The staffs have always been professional and accessible. You can have full confidence, assuming that you provide all the documents that are requested of you, that your expectations will be met. In summation, I wholeheartedly recommend the firm of Immigration Help for all your Australian immigration needs.”
Rakesh Sharma “I would like to share my good experience with Immigration Help on getting my Australian PR. I had planned to migrate to Australia to enjoy a more relaxing life and better social security. Therefore I started searching for a good immigration consultancy service in India to process my application. I discussed with a lot of consultancy services; and the confident and straightforward response from one of the Immigration Help consultants during our initial discussion was what it took for me to choose their services out of the rest.
During the entire immigration process – from documentation preparation, submission, to the following up with the immigration case officer, the involvement and response from the Immigration Help employees was really great.
I finally managed to get my Permanent Residence visa. I appreciate their sincere involvement and response to the clients. I will definitely recommend Immigration Help to all the Australian migration aspirants out there! “
Clem “My wife and I would really like to thank you and your team in Immigration Help for really going the extra mile and seeing through the whole process of our Australia permanent residency application. We got our Aussie PR status recently and it is definitely through the sheer hard work put in by all of you. We are glad that we have made the decision in choosing Australia. We love the weather here in Australia and my children are having a wonderful time in their new school. They are enjoying going to school and making new friends. The pace of school and work life balance here is just right for us and we are thankful that we have more family time together in Australia.”
Alexy “I found out about Immigration Help through the Internet Search engine and have no regret choosing them. They are professional and at the same time friendly and approachable. I must say they have been very patient with me; answering my questions and at the same time kept me informed timely on the status of my application at the various stages. At the various stages of my application process, they gave me appropriate guidance, advices and help in fulfilling some of the stringent criteria required by the Australian Immigration. They have also always kept themselves abreast of the changing Australian Migration Policies and have also kept me informed throughout the process on the changes. I am very satisfied with their services and their professionalism. I will certainly recommend Immigration Help to my friends and relatives.
Thank you Immigration Help “
Yogita “Moving to Australia has always been a dream of ours. Relatives & friends always shared with us on all the experiences they had in Australia.
We went online, in search of agency that could help us with our big plan. We send out emails & made telephone calls to several agencies some responded late while others just did not give a good vibe. However, only one agency that stood out from the rest, which is Immigration Help. We remember clearly, after filling out the online form, a day later we got a telephone call from Jenni from Immigration Help. We immediately book our 1st meet up session. It was a free consultation.
On the appointment day, Sanjayai greeted us, he helped to explain the process of the application. He also suggested to us many important things for a successful application. Help us to do a thorough assessment of our personal profile and explain to us on our visa options based on our eligibility requirements.
We were impressed on the professionalism & the transparency that Immigration Help has shown.
After the free consultation, we decided to engage Immigration Help services for our big plan. Throughout the application process, we are always kept in the loop & updated of all the steps that needed to be done.
Now that we have been received Australian PR, it feels that the waiting is all worthwhile And we couldn’t say anything more but THANK YOU IMMIGRATION HELP!
Thank you Immigration Help “
Mohammad “I like to take this opportunity to “thank you very much” for your professional support. I have thoroughly enjoyed dealing with you because of your friendly service and patience thought the application process. The result of my application is evidence of your impeccable attention to detail and comprehensive knowledge of the immigration legislation and procedures. With your help I was able to embark on my new life in Australia with confidence.
I have no qualms in recommending anyone to you because of your integrity and professionalism. “
Mandy “Please accept our appreciation for your professional help on my visa application. Jim and I were happy with your prompt work. We consider that my visa was processed and approved so smoothly because of your experienced professional work.
With your expert advice and clear direction, we found no major difficulties for my visa application. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who needs expert help.
I have no qualms in recommending anyone to you because of your integrity and professionalism. “
Alex “I was delighted to receive the confirmation letter from the DIAC stating that my application to migrate to Australia has been approved.
I like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your patience with me and your professional support. It was a pleasure to have you by my side the whole process.
Thanks for all your efforts “
Phillips “Right from our first meeting you took the time and effort to explain all the procedures involved in submitting our application.
Apart from this, your constant updates on the progress of our application were appreciated. In addition to this your advice on where to finally move to in Australia was very useful. Now that we have been granted our Permanent Residency we are in the process of settling all our matters here in South Africa and look forward to move to New Zealand later this year. “
Lynda “Firstly thank you very much for expediting my permanent residency with much patience and diligence. I sigh with relief with this hurdle over and am preparing to make my initial entry to Australia.
Quite a number of my business associates and friends have asked me for your contact address and telephone number……so expect them to call on you.
Oh!! If I might add it’s been great having you as my migration agent. “
George “I would like to express my sincere appreciation in writing to thank you for your unqualified support and assistance in helping me to obtain my permanent residence visa.
It is an important turning point towards a better life for me to become a permanent resident in Canada.
Your professionalism, experience and also excellent client service skills has made it easy for me to understand the progress of the application, hence, always remain comfortable and confident during the whole application process.
I would strongly recommend to my friends or anyone to make use of your migration consultation services without hesitation. “
George “I would like to express my sincere appreciation in writing to thank you for your unqualified support and assistance in helping me to obtain my permanent residence visa.
It is an important turning point towards a better life for me to become a permanent resident in Canada.
Your professionalism, experience and also excellent client service skills has made it easy for me to understand the progress of the application, hence, always remain comfortable and confident during the whole application process.
I would strongly recommend to my friends or anyone to make use of your migration consultation services without hesitation. “
Camilla “Indeed the news came as a great Christmas gift for my whole family and me. To be honest, we had a very nice surprise when we were caught by the swiftness of the outcome.
We are sincerely and deeply appreciative of the first class professional service that you offered us over the last ten months during which the application was processed. “
Justin “Since we were living in Dubai, all our contact went email, which has never been a problem. Sanjayai always responded to our emails quickly and professionally. He thoroughly guided us through the whole process and his assistance proved very effective.
We are obviously extremely pleased with this outcome, and we are certain that this is something we would not have been able to achieve without Sanjayai help. It has been a pleasure working with him, as he always proved very friendly, patient and most of all very experienced. Therefore we can strongly recommend Sanjayai’ services to anyone considering applying for an Australian visa.
Thank you once again for your advice and effort in obtaining my PR. It has been a pleasure working with you. “
Putin “Dear Mr KapoorOK, it is time to celebrate.
Your team is amazing and you have been always considerate and attentive to us.
This day is surely worth remembering for the rest of life.
Thank you so much. ”
Manoj To Sanjayai and his team, “I am really blown away by this news. I couldn’t contain my excitement when I read this. I knew that this is the place I want to be. Love the place, country and people.
To you and the team, my sincere thanks for your assistance, professionalism, efficiency and more so your patience in our communications. Every request of mine was fulfilled to the detail I required. You assisted me in fulfilling this dream of mine. “
Sarah To Sanjayai,
“Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your assistance and support. We are very very excited.
This is our dream come true and cannot wait to get over to New Zealand.
Can’t thank you enough for all your help, you’ve been wonderful
Will speak to you soon.Thanks from me and all the family. “
Pawan, Chitra & Ashu Hello Sanjayai,
“From myself, my wife & son thank you very much for all your help & advice during the visa application process. When we first started the process and we read some of the comments of the success stories I wondered what I would write to you to thank you. Here I am and I am speechless (for once), but I can only echo and certify from my own experience that IMMIGRATION HELP, the staff are friendly, extremely professional in what you do, you know your stuff, the advice you give is sound and the thing that came across most is the personal touch. Once again many thanks for making our wishes come true. “
Abhay Deol Dear Sanjayai,
“What a way for me to celebrate my new year!! I’d like to thank all the team for helping me to get my visa. I can’t thank you guys enough. I am more than satisfied with your fast and very friendly service and will have no hesitation in recommending you to friends that may require your services in the future. THANK YOU GUYS. “you very much for all your help & advice during the visa application process. When we first started the process and we read some of the comments of the success stories I wondered what I would write to you to thank you. Here I am and I am speechless (for once), but I can only echo and certify from my own experience that IMMIGRATION HELP, the staff are friendly, extremely professional in what you do, you know your stuff, the advice you give is sound and the thing that came across most is the personal touch. Once again many thanks for making our wishes come true. “
Wen (Singapore) Dear Sanjayai,
“I’m speechless. I would like to send my most sincere thanks to Immigration Help. I believe you are the most efficient agent there is and I’ll never forget your personal touch in everything. Through and through it seems I was working towards my visa with a member of the family who happens to be expert in immigration field. To all of ASA team, my huge thanks. I would highly recommend your service to all I know who contemplate about immigrating to Aus. “
Chris, Jenna & Family Dear Sanjayai,
“We are overjoyed – thank you so much. A bottle of champagne is about to be opened – 07.00 in the morning.
Tears of joy are blurring this email so will end now but will contact you soon again.
Once again thank you, thank you, and thank you. “
Somnath Patel Dear Sanjayai,
“Once again thank you – we have been impressed with the speed, ease and accuracy of your service compared to some of the horror stories we have read about and we would certainly recommend you to any future potential migrants. “
Liana “I would like to express my sincere thanks for all your help.
My whole experience of dealing with Immigration Help has been one of true professionalism, integrity, compassion and passion you truly care about the rights of human beings. The way you conduct yourselves and your business is exceptional. I cannot speak too highly of you all. Each of you bring together an exceptional team… From my experience you are a rare breed.
With sincere best wishes “
Amanpreet “Just a few words of thanks for your assistance in my Spousal visa application. My permanent visa was approved a few weeks ago. Warmest regards to all in the team. “


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