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Australia Partner Visa

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To make an application for Australian Partner visa, either the visa applicant should be married to an Australian citizen / permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen or planning to marry one, or in the de-facto relationship for more than 12 months provided other requirements are met.

Australian Partner Visa – General Requirements

The sponsor must be an:

  • Australian citizen; or
  • Australian permanent resident; or
  • Eligible New Zealand citizen.
  • Usually over 18 years of age.
  • Having no sponsorship restriction

Sponsorship restriction
In certain situations, there may be some constraints on your partner’s eligibility to sponsor you depending on his / her circumstances, particularly if he/she has previously sponsored or been sponsored himself/herself by someone for a Partner visa. It is advised that you contact us about your partner’s eligibility to sponsor you for a Partner visa.

Eligibility requirements for an Australian Partner visa Grant

One may be eligible to be given an Australian Permanent Partner visa if he/she can show:

  • He / She is married to his / her sponsor and his / her marriage is lawful under Australian law, or he/she has been living with his /
  • her partner in a de – facto relationship for at least 12 months
  • His / her relationship is exclusive, genuine and continuing
  • He/she meet health requirements.
  • He/she meets character requirements.
  • He/she must usually be over 18 years of age.

Australia Partner Visa

One can include family members in his / her Australian onshore Partner visa application.

Please note that the above details are just general in nature and other criteria may apply. Please consult us for more information.

The Australian partner visa is a 2 step process

First step – lodging a visa application for an Australian Temporary Partner visa. If you applied for an Australian Temporary Partner visa while being outside Australia, you must be outside Australia when you receive the grant of temporary partner visa. If you applied for an Australian Temporary Partner visa while being in Australia, you must be in Australia at the time you receive the temporary partner visa.

Australian Temporary Partner Visa application is also an application for its corresponding Australian permanent Partner visa, and the visa applicant pays one visa application fee to the DIBP.

Second Step – being considered for an Australian permanent Partner visa. If you applied for an Australian permanent partner visa while being outside Australia, you could be in or outside Australia when you receive your permanent visa grant. On the other hand, if you applied for Australian permanent partner visa while in Australia, you must be in Australia when you receive your Australian permanent visa grant.

Important Note: In some exceptional cases. An applicant may become eligible for the grant of an Australian permanent Partner visa directly, provided:

  • The visa applicant can submit the evidence that he/she is married or for at least three years, in a de facto relationship with the sponsor, or for at least two years and has a child together with the sponsor.
  • In some circumstances such as relationship breakup due to domestic violence during two years waiting period.
How can we help with your Australia Partner visa application?

Australian Immigration Department scrutinizes Partner visa applications to make sure that they meet various legal requirements for the grant of Australian partner visa. If the visa application is not well prepared, it may result in partner visa refusal. If it does happen, it means significant wasted time and costs for you and your sponsor. Our experienced Registered Migration Agents can help you with some of the main issues that arise when applying for a Partner visa including:

  • If you are in a de facto relationship, providing sufficient evidence for 12 months living together
  • ensuring that sufficient proof of the genuine and continuing nature of your relationship has been submitted
  • providing detailed statements covering various aspects of the relationship
  • Interview preparation if the Department requests same during the processing of your application.

My Immigration Help Delhi has extensive experience in obtaining Australia Partner visas for people in a marriage as well as the de facto relationship. We are Registered Migration Agent Australia. We are the top Australia Partner visa consultants in Delhi India, Adelaide Australia. Our Australian Partner Visa Success rate is Almost 100 %.

For quality advice regarding an Australian Partner visa application, please contact us.

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