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Immigration to South Australia


To a very large extent, shortage in the Australian labour market is being addressed by the Skill Stream, part of Australia’s Migration Program designed to target migrants with skills.Priority processing in the Skill Stream is currently given to applicants migrating to a regional area, migrants sponsored by employers or migrants nominated by a state or territory government under the State Migration Plan. Immigration South Australia (SA) provides state sponsorship for Subclass 190 as well as Subclass 489. The Subclass 190 State Sponsored visa is a permanent residency visa which can be sponsored by the South Australian state government. The 489 visa temporary visa that is valid for 4 years and can provide a pathway to permanent residence through the 887 visa

As per the Australian Immigration Law, State and Territory governments can independently nominate visa applicants. This nomination process is done after assessing the applicant’s profession and if there is  a shortage of skills for that particular profession–State and Territory governments make nominations.

Immigration SA nominates aspirants for South Australia State Sponsorship.

Eligible occupations for SA state sponsorship

 In order to obtain a South Australia Government State Sponsorship for Subclass 489 or 190 visa, you will need to obtain a positive skills assessment for one of the occupations that is listed in South Australia skilled migration occupation list published by

occupation list published by IMMIGRATION SA. The SA government can change their list of sponsor able occupations without notice, so you do need to ensure that your selected ANZSCO occupation is available for sponsorship

SA state sponsorship – eligibility requirements

  1. Not more than 49 years old
  2. The nominated profession must be on the South Australia State Nominated occupation list published by IMMIGRATION SA.
  3. Positive GSM skills assessment in hand
  4. Desired IELTS Result and
  5. Financial Capacity (combined cash and assets).

There are several other eligibility requirements which can be elaborately found on the IMMIGRATION SA official website or through a well-experienced immigration agent preferably based in Adelaide.  In case of a  South Australia (SA) state nomination and approval, the aspirant gets an extra 5 points (10 if it’s a provisional visa) when applying for Australian permanent residence (PR).

South Australia State Sponsorship – Application Process

To apply for SA State Sponsorship, you need:

  1. Your nominated occupation in the state list issued by IMMIGRATION SA.
  2. Lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) through Skill Select – choose SA only and your state nominated visa subclass 190 or 489
  3. Once EOI has been lodged, apply online for state nomination through Immigration SA website. You will need your EOI reference number
  4. Once your application has been approved by IMMIGRATION SA, you will get the notification mail. Approved applicants are nominated through Skill Select

Australian Immigration Consultants MARA Agents in Adelaide

If you are seeking the help of an Australian Immigration Consultant, make sure that he / she is  registered with MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority). Mr Sanjayai Kapoor is a leading MARA Agent based in Adelaide.

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