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Immigration To New Zealand


New Zealand is world-renowned as one of the safest and friendliest places to live.  Immigration to New Zealand  is very popular among families who  are looking for a quality & peaceful life.

New Zealand Immigration can be achieved by a number of different avenues. In all cases specific requirements must be achieved before an immigration application may be successful. Here are some of the common ways to get New Zealand Immigration.

Immigration to New Zealand – Under Skilled Migrant Category

The objective of the Skilled Migrant Category is to grant New Zealand Immigration  to only those people who demonstrate that they have skills to fill identified needs and opportunities in New Zealand, and are able to transfer those skills to New Zealand.

The skilled migrant category in New Zealand is one of the ways to permanently live in New Zealand. The Skilled migrant category is based on points system. Points are claimed on the basis of qualifications, age, work experience and job or job offer. Bonus points may be claimed on an individual basis. The minimum qualifying points are 100. To qualify under this category, the applicant must be aged from 20-55, having good health, character, and English language proficiency.

New Zealand Skilled Migrant Category Process
This is a three step process which starts with an Expressions of Interest, selection for an Invitation to Apply followed by the Residence application.

The Expression of Interest (EOI)

If you have claimed 100 points or more then you can submit an Expression of Interest (EOI), in which you claim points for qualifications, age, work experience, job or job offer and other areas, it goes into the pool, every fortnight. EOIs over 140 points are selected automatically for an invitation to apply. EOIs that have less than 140 points are selected depending upon certain factors.

Invitation to Apply (ITA) 

When your EOI is selected from the pool, INZ will send you an Invitation to apply (ITA). Applicant will have to show evidence of the claims made on the EOI, e.g. Medical, PCC, IELTS, Work experience etc.

Residence (PR) 

When your residence application has been approved, you must pay the migrant levy. After that INZ will place a residence visa or permit in your passport.

Immigration to New Zealand – Under Business category

1. Gaining temporary entry into New Zealand through a Long Term Business Visa.
2. Gaining permanent entry into New Zealand through the Entrepreneur, Investor or Employee of a Relocating business application.

Long Term Business Visa

The LTBV (Long Term Business Visa) is a prerequisite for an application for residence under the Entrepreneur policy guidelines. The applicant is required to submit a business plan for the establishment of a new company in New Zealand, or, a business plan for the purchase of 25% or more of an existing business. The business plan must meet specific requirements and is to be submitted in a specific format other than the standard business plan format. Applicants must provide evidence of a business background and relevancy of their proposed business in New Zealand to their past experience. That is a requirement and will therefore be a huge advantage to the applicant when opening their new business venture in New Zealand. Availability of funds to start up the business, or, funds to purchase at least 25% of an existing business, and to maintain and accommodate them for the duration of the Long Term Business Visa is a further requirement.

Family Category

You and your family may wish to join your relative living in New Zealand, if it is so, you will need to apply for residence. Your brother, sister or parent must be eligible to sponsor you. You must be in one of the following.

Partner – you are the husband, wife, de facto or civil union partner of a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.
Dependent Child – you are a dependent child with a parent who is a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.
Parent – you have a child who is a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.
Parent Retirement Category – you have a child who is a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident and you are able to invest NZ$1 million in New Zealand for four years.
Brother, Sister or Adult Child – you are the brother, sister or adult child of a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.
Inter- Country Adoption – If a New Zealand resident or citizen legally adopts a child overseas, they may apply on its behalf for either New Zealand citizenship or residence.

Citizens of New Zealand or holders of New Zealand residence permits or holders of current New Zealand Returning Residents Visas or citizens of Australia, actually living in New Zealand can be an eligible sponsor.

What’s the Next Step?

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Whether you are a skilled professional, or a business person looking for attractive investment and expansion opportunities, New Zealand beckons you.

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