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Australia has always been a popular destination for migrants – it is sunny, the people are nice and opportunity abounds, making the proliferation of Immigration in Australia no real surprise. Immigration in Australia has always played a large part in the country’s history, and from the current pattern, it is a safe to say that it always will.

It is easy to come to Australia as a tourist, either on a very temporary tourist visa (3 months), or on a slightly-less-temporary-but-still-undeniably-temporary working holiday visa (12 months with an option to extend for a further 12), and it is also possible to come to Australia as a student, with the Australian student visa also being classed as a temporary visa. But how does one actually immigrate to Australia on a more permanent basis?

Moving from Australian Temporary Visa to Australian Permanent Visa

Many people first come to Australia on an Australian student visa. On the terms of their Australian student visa, they are not classed as permanent residents, and they are restricted in terms of employment and social benefits. It stands to reason that once they have completed their education, they may not be too comfortable with the idea of leaving Australia. If they have been studying in a certain trade or industry in which there is a deficit of skilled individuals, they may be able to move from their Australian student visa to a more permanent kind of visa through this avenue – Australia has learned to capitalize on Immigration in Australia by offering what is known as a skilled migration visa.

As mentioned previously, the number of immigrants to Australia has been increasing on a regular basis for the last two decades.  As the Australian economy is doing great, it became more possible, for more of the inhabitants to contemplate a move to Australia.

There is a new wave in that every year more and more people come to Australia to work in Australia and live in Australia.

Australia is such a wonderful country. It is no wonder that people may want to immigrate to Australia. However, it is not always easy to get immigration to Australia.

Selecting a Visa for Immigration in Australia

The first step to applying for a visa for immigration to Australia is to know what kind of visa you will be applying for. There are several visas available for entry to Australia, each of them meant for a specific type of applicant. These visas include:

Worker visa

The worker visa itself has different types of visas available. There is a specific visa for doctors or nurses, for people who are sponsored by employers in Australia, as well as seamen and airmen entering Australia.

Student visa

Family visa

This is for people who are moving into Australia or just visiting the country via petition by family members that are already permanent residents of Australia. This is also for people who have married an Australian citizen and would wish to move to the country.

Skilled Visa

Business Visa
Investor Visa
Retirement Visa

These visas are just but a few of the many specific visas available for immigration to Australia. Find out which of these visas you are most likely eligible for, and then start applying.

What’s the Next Step? 

If you are keen into immigration in Australia, just ping us up.  Why wait then? Write to us right away.

Whether you are a skilled professional, or a business person looking for attractive investment and expansion opportunities, Australia beckons you.

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