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Most of the people in the world would love to immigrate to Australia. Australia has a warm climate, a strong economy, a stable system of government and is generally known for its friendly and outgoing culture. So it is not surprising that there is such a long waiting list of people who are looking to immigrate to Australia.

What are the most common ways to immigrate to Australia? 

Australia has a very long history of immigration. British first landed in 1788. However, in the modern world, most people either immigrate to Australia from the UK or from China. China is the largest source of immigration for Australia by the head of  the population. A new migrant to Australia can come first on a visitor’s Visa in order to assess if they want to live in Australia on a long term basis. However, in order to become a permanent resident of Australia, there are a few recognised channels which need to be cleared.

One of the most common is through the general skilled migration program. This is visa program where you must prove your work experience, qualifications, ability to speak English and add up these characteristics under a point system in order to be eligible for migration under this category. If your occupation is in demand in the Australian Economy at the time, you will be on the SOL (skilled occupations list) which means that you are eligible to immigrate to Australia.

Another common visa is a family visa. This is a visa under which you are eligible to immigrate to Australia if you have an existing family member in Australia. It is usually only for immediate family members like a spouse, parent, child, brother or sister and the family member has to sponsor the applicant and give an assurance of support which means that the sponsor will pay for any expenses incurred by the Australian Government as a result of a social security claim by the person on the Family visa.

The third most common visa to immigrate to Australia is an employer sponsored visa. This visa is given to people who are coming to Australia to take up a full-time job which they have already been offered and the employer sponsors their application to be on this program. Obviously, the most important aspect of this visa is having an employer who can sponsor the visa effectively.

What’s the Next Step to Immigrate to Australia? 

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Our commitment: 

Immigration is one of the most important steps in your life.  We commit to you our honesty and integrity. 

We at Immigration Help firmly believe that immigration may be the most important decision an individual makes in his / her life. Relocation to another country takes courage and the decision is ridden with fear and anxiety of the unknown and good advice can make the difference between success and failure. Moreover, the procedure in itself is complicated and can be expensive, if not followed correctly. With Immigration Help as your consulting partner, your decisions are based on valuable pertinent information that assures success.

Whether you are a skilled professional, or a business person looking for attractive investment and expansion opportunities, Australia beckons you.

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