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Employer Sponsored Visa Australia

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Employer-Sponsored Visa is the renowned form of immigration which is done on both temporary and permanent basis. As the name suggested, these visas are sponsored by the employers based in Australia for hiring highly deserving and skilled professionals. Applicants those who opt for this category of immigration need to deliver employment letter, relevant documents of qualification, sponsorship declaration from an employer, etc.

Australia Employer Sponsored Visas allocate skilled and experienced overseas workers to live and work in Australia for a nominated Australian employer. Also, the Australian ENS scheme (Employer-Sponsored Nomination Stream) allows the employers to fill the job vacancies in their respective organizations with overseas workers that can’t be filled by the Australian workers.

Privileges of Employer Sponsored Visa for Australia

  • Work and live in Australia on a permanent basis
  • Study in Australia at University or School
  • Eligible for Australian Citizenship with respect to the residency eligibility criteria
  • Sponsor people for permanent residence
  • Easily access social security payments
  • Receive subsidized healthcare through Medicare if on a permanent visa

Types of Employer Sponsored Visas

  • Temporary Work Subclass 457 Visa
  • Permanent Subclass 186 Visa (ENS)
  • Permanent Subclass 187 Visa (RSMS)

Employer-sponsored visa for Australia is issued on two bases one is temporary, and another one is permanent, earlier with up to four years of validity and the secondly beyond that period. In fact, the temporary visa is often a path to securing a permanent visa.

  • Temporary Visas – Among the variety of temporary employer-sponsored visas, subclass 457 or Business Long Stay Visa is the most required one. Employers under this application are able to recommend several candidates for different posts. These sponsored visas are meant mainly for skilled professionals or personnel.

An employer who is going to recruit a group of skilled personnel must apply for “Labor Agreement.” According to this agreement, an Australian Employer can hire skilled workforce from overseas for their business or any other manufacturing activities.

Another type of temporary visa is Service Seller. It allows the overseas suppliers of goods and services to enter into the trade agreements with Australian companies as per the General Agreement on Trade and Services (GATS).

  • Permanent Visas – Subclass 186 (ENS) – As suggested by its name, a permanent visa permits an immigrant to settle in Australia permanently. According to the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS), Employers are allowed to sponsor skilled employees and personnel from overseas for more than four years. Migrants that travel to Australia on the basis of an ENS Subclass 186 visa are eligible to stay and work in Australia on a permanent basis.
  • Permanent Visas – Subclass 187 (RSMS) – A Regional Sponsored Migration – Subclass 187 allow the provincial or regional employers in sparsely populated locations to hire experienced professionals from foreign countries. Under both the schemes,i.e., RSMS and ENS, an immigrant who is residing on a temporary visa could become a permanent resident in Australia.

Employer Sponsored Visa Requirements

Visa Applicants must be qualified and have sufficient experience in the occupation which is listed on the Skilled Occupations List to be sponsored by an Australian Employer.

As per Employer Nomination Scheme – Subclass 186 visa, Requirements for Temporary Residence Transition stream for Permanent Residency are mentioned below:

  • Profession must be mentioned on the list for this subclass
  • Migrant must have a 457 visa for up to 2 years in designated occupation
  • English IELTS score of the applicant must be at least 6 in each band
  • Age criteria: Max 50 Years
  • Applicant must have appropriate qualifications and experience according to the applied occupation
  • Employer must comply with the obligations of 457 sponsorship
  • Employer must pay market salary as per full-time employment rate of 38 hours per week

Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass 186) visa – Direct Entry stream visa category Requirements for Permanent Residency

  • Occupation must be mentioned on occupation list
  • A Subclass 457 is not necessary for this
  • Candidate must have relevant qualification related to the occupation along with three years of work experience
  • Candidate must obtain positive skills assessment for skilled occupation
  • English IELTS score of the applicant must be at least 6 in each band
  • Age Criteria: Max. 45 Years
  • Both employer and employee and employer must declare that the period of employment is for at leasttwo years
  • Employer must pay market salary as per full-time employment rate of 38 hours per week

    As per Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme–Requirements for Employer-Sponsored Subclass 187 visa Direct Entry stream for Permanent Residency are:
  • Occupation must be mentioned on occupation list
  • A Subclass 457 is not necessary for this
  • Employer must be in a regional area
  • Candidate must have relevant qualification related to the occupation
  • English IELTS score of the applicant must be at least 6 in each band
  • Age Criteria: Max. 45 Years
  • Employer must pay market salary as per full-time employment rate of 38 hours per week Applicant must provide proven residency proof in regional area for some cases
  • Additional information can also be demanded depending on the case

Are you Eligible for Employer-Sponsored Visa?
Whether you are an overseas worker and have an Australian employer who has sponsored you; or you are already in Australia on a working holiday; or a tourist or student, there are certain criteria that you must be fulfilledto become eligible for employer sponsorship. Your eligibility depends on following things:

  • Location of your employer
  • Employer’s approval to sponsor
  • Amount and type of work experience
  • Any post-secondary qualifications
  • Type of job you will be doing under employer sponsorship
  • The Salary being offered

To know more about the eligibility criteria, contact our employer sponsored visa immigration experts.

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