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The engineering profession in Australia is regarded as the prestigious position in the industry for it helps develop leaders, who are capable of shaping a sustainable economy. The CDR writing services Engineers Australia Skill Assessment help you prepare an effective CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) for an engineering job in Australia. With the well-written CDR report, your excellence and expertise in the relevant profession are guaranteed, and you stand to gain great benefits in career and value for your skills.

The growing concern of industries on skills shortages nationally and regionally has induced the Australian government to import engineering skills. The serious shortage of engineers in manufacturing, automobile, construction, telecommunication, food and mining demand engineers with qualification and experience to migrate to Australia and work in high-profile engineering occupations.CDR writing services Engineers Australia helps you prove your engineering skills and have your skills assessed to apply for Australia Immigration and become a part of the proud engineers’ community.

Nonetheless, preparing a winning CDR for Engineers Australia is not easy as you need to have a clear understanding of ‘What is a CDR?’ and what are the requirements for a great CDR writing for successful Engineers Australia migration skills assessment. No doubt, a CDR report helps you exhibit your skills and capabilities required to undertake a particular engineering job. The CDR writing services for Engineers Australia Skill Assessment give you an idea through sample CDR report that you need to include the engineering tasks you accomplished daily, the responsibilities and duties you undertook in the position. Through this webpage, you will have enough knowledge and learn how to write CDR for Engineers Australia.

cdr writing services engineers australia

What is a CDR for Engineers Australia?

A CDR stands for Competency Demonstration Report, which is prepared by a prospective engineer migrant showcasing his/her qualification and competence suitable for an engineering occupation in Australia. Prepared by engineers themselves, a CDR is custom-made though it has to comply with the Migration Skills Assessment requirements as set by Engineers AustraliaCDR Writing for Engineers Australia needs proper planning for it is a lengthy process. The CDR report samples for engineers help you become an expert in CDR report writing. However, it is essential to have a good knowledge before venturing on CDR writing for Engineers Australia.

Steps to Follow while Preparing your CDR for Engineers Australia Skill Assessment

For preparing a CDR for Engineers Australia Skill Assessment, you are required to follow the steps given below:

  1. As a first step, you need to prepare your personal information and it is to get ready your documents such as a passport-style photo, documents showing your name change, personal identity, English language test (IELTS or any other equivalent) result and curriculum vitae ready.
  2. After that, you need to nominate your chosen engineering occupation to have engineers Australia migration skills assessment. If you have any professional registration, you have to provide proof of it.
  3. The next step is to support your claim of additional educational qualification with enough evidence by having your degree certificate and any other documents ready. Where you have to furnish any academic transcripts, you have to attach those too.
  4. As for the work experience, you must support it with valid documents in evidence of it. For the purpose, you have to provide all the necessary documents like the translation and original, if not in English.
  5. Once you have done with documentation, it is time to write your CDR for Engineers Australia Skill Assessment, which must contain the essential details like the CPD Statement, Career Episodes and Summary Statement.
  6. And finally, you are ready to submit your CDR application with the Institution of Engineers Australia online.

cdr writing services engineers australia

What Does CDR Report for Engineers Australia Skill Assessment Contain?

CDR report for engineers Australia skill assessment is said to be effective if it contains the following.

  1. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Statement
  2. Three Career Episodes, and
  3. Summary Statement

Where your CDR report for Australia immigration needs to be successful, it must be designed based on the following:

Identifying your Continuing Professional Development – The CPD must include your up-to-date developments in the engineering field that you have gained after the undergraduate studies. It should contain all the details listed in the format (after post-study) giving the title, date, duration and venue and the details to include are:

  1. Conferences in which you have delivered papers or you have participated
  2. Any workshops, technical inspections and meetings, short-term courses, seminars, and discussion groups attended
  3. Preparation of materials for courses or presentation in seminars conferences and symposia.
  4. Any services such as committee or board volunteering, or mentoring you offered to the engineering profession.
  5. Details of any private study undertaken by publishing journals, manuals, and books.

Writing Three Career Episodes for Engineers Australia Skill Assessment – This section of the CDR report focuses on a distinct aspect or a particular period of your engineering activity. As a result, you must detail your CDR career episodes for Engineers Australia Skill Assessment by writing your engineering study and work experience. By this, you have to provide essential information like how you could perform in the nominated occupation using your engineering skills and knowledge. In a way, you need to focus your career episode on:

  1. An engineering job you have undertaken and completed as a part of your engineering study and how you employed your knowledge and skills.
  2. A project you are currently working on or have done.
  3. A particular position you occupied or presently occupying.
  4. Any specific engineering problem you are required to solve, or you had solved.

Your career episodes should be detailed in English and by writing those on your own will help you demonstrate your English language skills.

Get to Know the Format for Career Episodes for Engineers Australia Skill Assessment

An effective CDR writing services for Engineers Australia Skill Assessment helps you know the format of a CDR for Engineers Australia Skill Assessment. For a valid CDR for Engineers Australia Skill Assessment, you need to have the career episode written in an essay format by providing the following:

Introduction: This part of the CDR must contain information of approximately 100 words, and it helps you introduce the career episode by giving the following details like:

  1. The dates and period of your career episode given in chronological order.
  2. The details of the place from where you gained your experience and your position.
  3. The name of the organisation.

Background: This part has the context of your studies and work written in about 200 – 500 words. It must include:

  1. The main objective of your project.
  2. Nature of your specific work area.
  3. The organisational structure chart is highlighting your position relating to the career episode.
  4. An official duty statement is describing your duties.

Personal Engineering Activity: Being a prime assessable component in the career episode, the Personal Engineering activity is the most important section in the CDR report for Engineers Australia. You have to make it quite narrative by writing about 500 to 1250 words. You need to identify your role in the group that performed the activities by writing this. You must explain in detail the work designated to you and what is it and how you performed it. The focus here is more on how you used your knowledge and skills and what problems you fronted, the solutions you found and strategies you devised.

Summary: This part of the CDR report helps you sum up by giving your views of the project in 50 – 100 words. You also need to explain if the project could meet the goal or demand. The most important aspect of the summary is your contribution to the project.

The Summary Statement in the CDR report for Engineers Australia is the most important section as it a cross-reference of your skills mentioned in career episodes. As the statement shows the results of the analysis you carried out about the career episodes, it explains that your capabilities in the job are suitable for the nominated occupation. For this reason, you need to provide numbers to each paragraph in the career episodes as follows:

  1. Career episode 1 (paragraphs 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc.)
  2. Career episode 2 (paragraphs 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, etc.)
  3. Career episode 3 (paragraphs 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, etc.)

What is an Acceptable Engineering Qualification for CDR?

An acceptable engineering qualification is said to be accredited or recognised under the accord for a specific purpose. There are four pathways for accredited engineering qualifications like:

  1. Australian qualifications
  2. Washington Accord qualifications
  3. Sydney Accord qualifications
  4. Dublin Accord qualifications

Non-Accredited qualifications

The pathway for the skills assessment is:

  1. Competency Demonstration Report (CDR)

Occupations under Engineers Australia Migration Skills Assessment

Engineers Australia identifies Australian and a few overseas engineering qualifications as the accredited qualifications for engineers. The occupational categories identified within the engineering practice are:

  1. Professional Engineer
  2. Engineering Technologist
  3. Engineering Associate
  4. Engineering Manager

The occupations mentioned above ask for specific qualifications and work experience recognised by Engineers Australia.

Important Points to Remember While CDR Writing  for Engineers Australia Skill Assessment

  1. You need to know the “Purpose of CDR” to write it effectively.
  2. Do not write lengthy technical details.
  3. You must include your core knowledge of technical engineering and the application of your technical engineering knowledge in the nominated occupation.
  4. Avoid writing about the previous employer, the history of the company, or the performance of your team. The information provided must be relevant to your current engineering tasks and projects completed or ongoing.
  5. Avoid giving any information where you do not have any evidence to show knowledge or skill.
  6. Check the Engineers Australia website to have a better understanding.
  7. Have complete information on your projects in a listed format giving the title, date, duration and place. Nonetheless, you need to limit the narration of the episode to a minimum of 1500 words and a maximum of 2500 words.
  8. You must write information in the first person singular like “I completed”, “I underwent”, “I was engaged in”, and so on and not “we completed” and “we did” when you write your ‘own personal role’ in the career episode in the CDR.
  9. Avoid giving irrelevant details like your company’s position in the market.
  10. Give numbers to the paragraphs to show their relationship with the analysis in the Summary Statement.
  11. Avoid copying from other sources or others’ work.

With the points mentioned above, you can have good knowledge of writing a successful CDR report. The Three Career Episodes, which are the most important part of the report, must be properly arranged, where each episode must show your engineering tasks and projects, a specific position held, and problems addressed, solved and to be solved. Avoid copying some other person’s work because Engineers Australia may ban you for 12 months if they found you copied some other person’s work.

CDR Writing Services for Australia Immigration

Australia immigration for engineers asks for certain skills to meet the industry requirements, and through CDR writing you need to prove those skills. The Engineers Australia skill assessment confirms your migration skills require that you need for a position in Australia.

The CDR writing services help you learn the migration skills requirements and meet them with an adequately prepared CDR. While writing a CDR report, you need to keep in mind to avoid irrelevant information like your previous company and the team.  Write as much information as possible on your engineering activity keeping the maximum limit of words. The information provided should be in the first person singular as the CDR is your personal report.

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