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CDR Writing Services for Engineers Australia Skill Assessment

Engineers work in a diverse range of industries in Australia. As a result, Immigration to Australia is very popular among engineers located all around the world. To process your Australia immigration application as an Engineer, you must nominate an occupation enlisted in the Australia Immigration demand occupation List. The first step in the whole Australia immigration process is getting positive skill assessment. Engineers Australia is the relevant skill assessment authority for Engineers interested in getting immigration to Australia. It is must to have positive Engineers Australia Skill Assessment in hand to apply for Australian Permanent Residency Visa.

Engineers Australia recognizes three occupational categories in the Engineering Team in Australia:

  • Professional Engineer
  • Engineering Technologist

For migration purposes, the additional category of Engineering Manageris also recognized.

What is a CDR Report?

CDR report is a track through which the engineers (who are willing to apply or already applied) can prove their competencies easily for the Australian skilled migration visa. The assessing authority for skilled migration applicants,i.e., Engineers Australia has prescribed certain guidelines on how to prepare your CDR.

What are CDR Services?

Normally, Engineers Australia (EA) authority asks the migrants to do CDR writing on their own to demonstrate their communication skills to the evaluator. If a candidate presents a poorly written CDR to the EA, their chances to settle down in Australia will also reduce down.

Most of the candidates find this task a bit complex and don’t even possess extra knowledge on how to write an effective and correct CDR.

Essentials of CDR Writing Services
CDR Writing needs some elementary skills that a candidate must have to write a CDR.

  • The migrant must have a clear understanding of “Purpose of the Report.”
  • Provide all compulsory information to the reader as per the guidelines of Engineers Australia.
  • Always follow a writing style and language that complies with the Australian Standards.

CDR Writing Process
While creating the CDR report, the migrants must follow a simple CDR Writing Process:

  1. Check the relevance of your career with the guidelines of Engineers Australia
  2. Create a summary and map it with your career and experience
  3. Standardize your Curriculum Vitae or Resume.
  4. Creates a Continuous Professional Development sequence(CPD)

Ethics for Writing Correct Career Episode
For CDR application writing, the applicant needs to write i.e.

  • 3 Episodes
  • One Summary Statement
  • One CPD

To write these CDR episodes, the applicant needs to follow some fundamentals:

  1. The reason for the Career Episodes: The major reason to write these episodes is to explain your experience and skills to prove that you have an experience as a Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologist or Engineering Associate. Career Episodes explains your role in an occupation that you have chosen to get selected for Australian skilled migration visa. While writing this report make sure that you have written it inappropriate and correct Australian English that must be strictly adhered to some standards or parameters as described by the EA.
  2. Declaration of Your Competencies: To prove your strength, you have to mention your past work experience in the relevant field or Profession. These strength and competencies are duly mentioned in the Engineers Australia Migration Handbook. So, before CDR writing you should check out which skill set is required for the nominated profile. Do not use any unethical service for CDR Report Writing from the CDR writing services writers agents as it is completely illegal as per the Australian law.
  3. Common Mistakes: There are many common mistakes that the applicants usually perform while performing CDR writing. Instead of availing CDR report writing services from the unethical writers agents, there are some do’s and don’ts that can help you to write an effective CDR which an applicant should take care of:


  • Mention complete information regarding your role that you have performed in different projects
  • Evidence of your skills and experience
  • Details regarding your proficiencies and abilities
  • Write your report in an active voice as I planned, I obtained, I researched, etc.
  • It must be in clear and simple Australian English with no grammatical mistakes.
  • Provide all the required details that are asked by the EA.


  • Do not mention any extra details about yourself or your profession that are not required by EA
  • Do not include your previous employer’s or team’s role but same time do not forget to focus on your role and job responsibilities that you have performed in the previous organization. There is no need of mentioning the history of your company.
  • Don’t write about your company’s position in the niche market.
  • Do not give any unsubstantial evidence of your skills or knowledge.
  • Don’t provide excessive calculations or figures.
  • Do not copy paste some other person work.

Just focus on points mentioned above and writes a productive career episode to prove your skills.

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