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CDR Reports Samples For Engineers Australia

Meet Our Registered Migration Agents (Australia), Licensed Immigration Adviser ( New Zealand) & ICCRC Consultant (Canada)

Engineering professionals are in huge demand in Australia. This is why; Immigration Help has made it a specialisation of our migration business to apply for Engineers to move to Australia. Usually, a competency demonstration report (CDR) requires migrant engineers applying to Engineers Australia to write three career episode reports (CERs). CDR Reports Samples for Engineers Australia skill assessment can give an applicant a brief idea related to various aspects to be covered during CDR writing.

Engineers Australia  Skills Assessment

All Skilled Migration Visa applicants require positive Skills Assessment before applying for their visa to the DIBP. Skill assessment for engineers for the purpose ofAustralian immigration   is done by Engineers Australia.

The following is the list of classified occupations under Engineering Managers, Professional Engineers, Engineering Technologists and Engineering Associates. If your skill is not on this list, we may not be able to apply for your visa in the Engineering category.

Engineering Managers

  • Engineering Manager,   ANZSCO Code: 133211

Professional Engineers

  •   Geotechnical Engineer, ANZSCO Code: 233212
    •    Structural Engineer,     ANZSCO Code: 233214
    •    Transport Engineer,     ANZSCO Code: 233215
    •    Aeronautical Engineer, ANZSCO Code: 233911
    •    Agricultural Engineer,  ANZSCO Code: 233912
    •    Biomedical Engineer,   ANZSCO Code: 233913
    •    Chemical Engineer,     ANZSCO Code: 233111
    •    Civil Engineer,            ANZSCO Code: 233211
    •    Electrical Engineer,     ANZSCO Code: 233311
    •    Electronics Engineer,   ANZSCO Code: 233411
    •    Industrial Engineer,     ANZSCO Code: 233511
    •    Material Engineer,       ANZSCO Code: 122112
    •    Mechanical Engineer,   ANZSCO Code: 233512
    •    Mining Engineer,         ANZSCO Code: 233611 (not Petroleum)
    •    Environmental Engineer, ANZSCO Code: 233915
    •    Naval Architect,           ANZSCO Code: 233916
    •    Petroleum Engineer,     ANZSCO Code: 233612
    •    Production or Plant Engineer, ANZSCO Code: 233513

Engineering Technologists

  • Engineering Technologist (nec),       ANZSCO Code: 233914
    •    Civil Engineering Technologist,        ANZSCO Code: 233914
    •  Electrical or Electronic Engineering Technologist: ANZSCO Code: 233914
    •    Mechanical Engineering Technologist, ANZSCO Code: 233914

Engineering Associates

  • Plumbing Engineering Associate,       ANZSCO Code: 312211
    •    Civil Engineering Associate,              ANZSCO Code: 312211
    •    Electrical Engineering Associate,       ANZSCO Code: 312311
    •    Electrical Engineering Draughtsman,  ANZSCO Code: 312311
    •    Electronic Engineering Associate,      ANZSCO Code: 263312
    •    Telecommunications Engineers,        ANZSCO Code: 263311
    •    Telecommunications Network Engineer, ANZSCO Code: 263312
    (nec) means ‘not elsewhere classified’.


English Language

Applicants from countries where English is not the mother tongue must hold an IELTS test certificate at Competency Level, with 6.0 or above on each component and an overall score of 6.0 or above.


Pathways to Recognition 

There are two pathways to recognition of your qualifications:

a) Through recognised (accredited) Engineering Qualifications. If you have done your engineering from UK, USA, Canada, etc., you are covered under this pathway.
b) Through a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) for non-recognised qualifications. If you have done your engineering from India, Pakistan, etc., you are covered under this pathway.

How can we help with your CDR?

Engineers Australia has a very detailed application process. This process is particularly difficult for those needing a CDR for positive skill assessment. CDR is required from engineers who did not pass out from Australian University or an “Accord University” overseas. (An Accord University is one where the education has been assessed as equal to engineering degrees in Australia. Of course, many Overseas Universities have excellent training, but may not have been assessed.)

The CDR can be difficult because applicants must write three intricately-specified “Career Episodes.” To advise on your CDR, we have a team of technical consultant. Each of them has a background in engineering and vast experience in technical area. They have considerable experience in guiding applicants through their CDR.

Once CDR is ready, Sanjayai Kapoor will take over as the Migration Agent. Your supporting documents will be checked by Sanjayai Kapoor to make sure they are correct before submitting to Engineers Australia.
If you need assistance related to CDR, Contact Us

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