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Engineers immigration to Australia is becoming very popular. Engineers work in a diverse range of industries in Australia. If your engineering qualification is not recognised by Engineers Australia, you have to write CDR for Australia immigration. Traditionally, engineering has been divided into four broad disciplines: chemical, civil, electrical and mechanical.

The profession has changed over time, and there are now numerous sub-disciplines. Australia also has a long list of engineer achievements such as bionic ear, plastic disposable syringe, pacemaker and much more. With its advanced technology; strong government and private support, everyday innovates are being made, and discoveries are uncovered to improve the world. It is not a secret that among the entry-level positions in Australia, engineers are paid higher than others.

And as engineers progress towards higher ranks, they are among the highest-paid. Engineering jobs in Australia are very well-paid jobs. As a result, Engineers immigration to Australia is very popular among engineers located all around the world.

cdr for australia

To process the Australia Immigration application, if you are an Engineer, you must nominate an occupation enlisted in the Australia Immigration Occupation List. The first step in the whole Australia immigration process is getting positive Engineers Australia Skill Assessment. Engineers Australia is the relevant skill assessment authority for Engineers interested in getting immigration to Australia. It is must to have positive Engineers Australia Migration Skill Assessment in hand to apply for Australian Permanent Residency Visa.

Engineers Australia recognizes three occupational categories in the Engineering Team in Australia:

  1. Professional Engineer
  2. Engineering Technologist

For migration purposes, the additional category of Engineering Manager is also recognized.

The Professional Engineer:

  • Focuses on overall systems.
  • Develops and applies new engineering practices.
  • Applies leadership & management skills.
  • Pursues engineering opportunities in a holistic way taking environmental, community & social issues into account.
  • Solves diverse problems.

Engineering Technologist

Academic qualification is a three-year bachelor of engineering technology degree gained after 12 years of schooling or equivalent.

  • Focuses on interactions within the system.
  • Modifies and adapts established engineering practices.
  • Advanced engineering technology.

Engineering Associate

Academic qualification is a two-year diploma of engineering gained after 12 years of schooling or equivalent.

The Engineering Associate:

  • Focuses on specific elements of the system.
  • Works within and applies established practices & procedures.

cdr for australia

Engineers Australia Migration Skill Assessment Eligibility Criteria

According to Engineers Australia, an applicant must meet the eligibility criteria of skill assessment to proceed with the application. Such criteria are

  • A relevant academic qualification.
  • An IELTS score or (6each in all four sections) or TOEFL iBT (Listening:12 Reading:13 Writing:21 Speaking:18).

Assessment of Engineering Qualifications for Engineers Immigration To Australia

There are five application pathways for migration skills assessment:

Accredited qualifications

  1. Australian Qualifications
  2. Washington Accord Qualifications
  3. Sydney Accord Qualifications
  4. Dublin Accord Qualifications

Non-Accredited qualifications/Engineering Manager

  1. Competency Demonstration Report (CDR)

CDR Report Writing for Non- Accredited Qualifications

CDR is the short form of Competency Demonstration Report. CDR writing is one of the important elements of Engineers Australia Skill Assessment for engineers migrating to Australia with a non-recognized engineering qualification. In such cases, an applicant is required to write and convey his/her engineering skill in a technical report format which could eventually prove to be competent to the regular engineers of Australia.

Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is composed of three elements, and they are-

  • Three Career Episodes
  • Summary Statement (SS)
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Career Episodes

Career Episode is a technical report which highlights your skill, talent, and knowledge in the field of engineering. Each of the episodes should narrate a specific chapter of your engineering activities. The three career episodes in a CDR must showcase your potential experiences professionally and significance about your academic qualification.

It should cater some of the information as follows

  • Completion of engineering project during the academic occurrence.
  • A professionally handled engineering project which could also be a currently ongoing project.
  • Detailed job description about the current engineering employment.
  • Information about the achievement at work or a responsibility handled at own risk and completed within the stipulated time.

It is also vital and important to consider words count while writing about career episode. It should be constructed with a minimum of fifteen hundred words and a maximum limit of twenty-five hundred words. Some of the fundamental which constructs a better career occasion in a CDR are-

  • The composition of content must be grammatically correct and plagiarism free.
  • Showcasing of individual potential in engineering.
  • Self-denoting must be composed with  the implementation of Personal singular Pronoun-i.e., “I.’
  • Each of the paragraphs must be fabricated with the numbering such as Career Episode 1 – 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, CE 2 – 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 etc.

cdr for australia

The career episode is composed of four sections, and they are-

  1. Introduction

The introduction caters a glimpse of information which is eventually narrated in the entire content. However, an introduction must be composed of one hundred to one hundred and fifty words. It should have around one hundred to one hundred and fifty words. It should cater to the name of past or present organization, your title, location, dates, duration, and synchronization of the occurrence of each phase.

2. Background

This module should narrate about the field of study and educational background and majorly speak about the objectives of the project, nature of your work and along with a job description composed of about three hundred to five hundred words.

3. Personal Engineering Activity

The engineering activities undertaken by the applicant are discussed and elaborated in this section. It is recognized as a crucial part of the CDR and is composed of one thousand words. It a combination of information which includes:-

  • Implementation of individual knowledge and skills.
  • Completion report or discussion of tasks and projects by the applicant.
  • Individual problem-solving dexterity.
  • Management skill and strategy.
  • Team handling expertise and self-ability to showcase as a team player backed by interpersonal abilities.

4. Summary

This is the part which can be recognized as a conclusion and fabricated with the components which evaluate the applicant. This will be the final section and will evaluate your accomplishment.

Summary Statement

It is the elementary composition which could prove that the career occasion has met all the parameters as displayed in the ANZCO code. Each of the paragraphs should be labelled with numbers illustrating an individual category of Summary Statement. A summary statement is fabricated to display information about all three career occasion.

Continuing Professional Development

CPD is the short name of Continuing Professional Development which exhibit the exploration of facts or activities undertaken by the applicant for the enhancement of skills and knowledge.

cdr for australia

CDR Samples Reports for Engineers Australia Skill Assessment

It is advisable to explore few CDR samples before starting CDR writing for Engineers Australia. A CDR sample delivers the idea to the methodologies of dallying skills and knowledge by the field of engineering. While writing a CDR for Engineers Australia Skill Assessment a plethora of CDR samples are indispensable to be evaluated. CDR Samples are the components which could fabricate better CDR writing for Engineers Australia.

It caters the quality to create a sphere of writing skill which could eventually create an outstanding summary and stand for a positive Engineers Australia skill assessment. CDR preparation is a tough task but can be managed once concepts are clear. No doubt it is a time-consuming process and also requires high skills in the engineering field and proficiency in English

cdr for australia

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