Availing the Australian Immigration Visa does not necessarily need the service of a Registered MARA Agent in Adelaide, but the experts suggest to use one always. Why? Because engaging a Registered MARA Agent can help you get Australia PR  without facing many hassles. What’s more important is that the registered MARA Agents are completely aware of the visa and migration laws of Australia. From doing a multi-level assessment of your Visa application documents, the Registered MARA Agents in Adelaide can help you in every possible way to ensure that your Visa application stands a realistic chance of approval.

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Registered MARA Agents in Adelaide- Explained

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The registered immigration consultants and migration agents of Australia are enrolled with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). Under the Australian Law, a person who gives “immigration assistance”, the term which is mentioned under section 276, is bound to use his knowledge for the “lawful” assistance of visa application process.


In case, the customers suspect any kind of discrepancy, customers can move against the Migration Agents to MARA. If the complaint is lodged, the concerned person in MARA Adelaide explores the case. In other words, the MARA Agents in Adelaide looks after the safe, hassle-free and legal process of Visa application to Australia. If you are applying for Australian Visa, do contact with the MARA Registered Agent.

MARA Registered Agents in Adelaide- Charges and Fees

According to the rules & regulations described in the Code of Conduct for registered migration agents, the amount your agent charges (fees) must be fair and reasonable. However, the fees and charges vary a little based on your circumstances.

Here’s a look into the factors that are the major determinants of the MARA Agent fees.

  • The type of Visa Application, e.g. student visa, skilled and non-skilled visa, work visa and so on.
  • The amount of time that will be consumed for your application. Some visa applications take longer considering their purposes and other associated factors. For that, you need to talk to your migration agent to get a fair idea about these expenses.
  • The level of service you need also impacts the fee structure. Prior to your visa application, it’s important that you get your documents evaluated from the migration experts. It’s important to check your eligibility for Australian Visa before applying for it. The MARA Agents in Adelaide look after these and help you in a legal way during the process.
  • Candidates with complex circumstances can seek legal and other similar assistance from the registered immigration agents.
  • The migration agents might charge you more in case you have dependents on your application (such as children).
  • Last but not the least, the qualification, experience and reputation of the MARA Agents also play a major role in determining his fees. An agent with huge experience might charge you more for providing assistance. Consider talking to a few agents about their service and fees, before you sign any contract.

Initial consultation fees

Most of the agents will meet you personally to provide you with the necessary information and guidance before signing the contract with you. This is an initial consultation and in most cases, the fee of an initial consultation is nominal.

Agreement to Services and Fees

There should be a written agreement on Service & Fees signed between you and the migration agent. Make sure that the financial terms are acceptable and if you are comfortable with it, provide your acceptance in written format. The Agreement of Service & Fees must include the following information.

  • Services to be performed by the migration agent for immigration to Australia.
  • Fees for the services offered (charged in terms of the hour or services)
  • Disbursement cycle (when and how the money is being paid by the agent on your behalf. It may also include your visa application charge).

Changes to your fees

In case your migration agent wants to bring any changes (alteration from the Agreement to Services & Fees) to their fee structure, they must furnish the same with a written notice, clarifying the reason for such change. For example, if they are charging you for any extra service that was not mentioned in the original agreement they need to provide written notice for this. The MARA Agents in Adelaide take care of the clients’interest and work in favour of them so that they do not suffer any financial losses.

Trust Immigration Help To Seek Lawful Guidance About Australian Immigration Visa

An incorrect application can lead to various problems, which further results in the cancellation of your Australian Visa application. Since immigration is a life-changing decision, you must stay aware always. Remember that the initial rejection of your visa application can close the doors to Australia forever. Hence you must trust the experts like Immigration Help to assist you throughout during your visa application process. As the Registered MARA Agents  Adelaide, they can provide you with necessary legal guidance and show you the ways that will help your Australian Visa application getting approved.

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