First Entry Date To Australia

Congratulations! You worked hard, waited long as well as you have been granted an Australian permanent residency visa (PR). Each visa has it is own conditions that you need to comply with. Among them is the first entry date to Australia which requires you and also your member of the family move to Australia by a specific date. Why and what if the first entry date to Australia is missed out on? In this post, we will respond to these inquiries and explain what to do.

First Entry Date to Australia- initial entry needed

A permanent visa will typically have a date for: ‘first entry, arrive by’ which is a required condition that needs to be adhered to. This can be twelve months from the date of the grant letter or often much shorter than that. You must make certain to come to Australia before that date since otherwise, it is a violation of this condition.

The first entry date to Australia should not be puzzled with ‘must not arrive after’ as this is your travel facility in and out of Australia for 5 years from the given date as well as independent from your initial entry Although the travelling facility enables travel in as well as outside of Australia for 5 years, there is no lawful power to change the first entry date to Australia visa problem if it is missed.



Why is the first entry date to Australia enforced?

Normally, the department enforces a first entry date for you to come to Australia to make certain that the police and also health checks are still within their validity period. If they end and also you have not yet taken a trip to Australia, you might have to give new cops clearances as well as embark on a new medical exam.


Suppose I missed out on the first entry date to Australia?

Missing the first entry date might cause the cancellation of your visa. This cancellation depends on the Department in Australia, i.e. optional in nature.

The Department will certainly first consider outstanding and compelling factors that have avoided you or your family from going into Australia on the required date. The Department will certainly give more weight to factors that have a component which is outside the control of the visa holder. Various other aspects they can normally take into consideration at immigration clearance specifically consist of:




Whether you or your family called an Australian  post before travelling (and the outcome of this get in touch with), and also if not, the reasons as to why they did not speak to the department;

Whether the substantial hold-up in getting in is because of remarkable as well as compelling scenarios; Just how much time has elapsed considering that the initial entry date– typically the even more time that has taken place in between the first and also actual entry date, indicates the greater violation;

Australia’s global obligations in the Convention on the Civil Liberties of the Child and also family members principles- i.e. what is the best interest of the kids involved.


What are my alternatives if I missed my first entry date to Australia?

Option 1

Travelling to Australia unprepared hoping nothing will happen. This is a risky option as you may be stopped at the airport terminal and also denied entry. If you are rejected entry. Your permanent visa may get cancelled and you might not have the ability to go back to Australia once again.

Option 2

Travelling to Australia prepared without first getting in touch with the department yet have all the documents required as to why you did not concern Australia before the first entry date. Need to show solid compelling as well as thoughtful reasons at the airport if asked for. You deal with termination of the visa at the flight terminal if the situation policeman does not agree with your reasons.

Option 3

Get in Touch with the Department ASAP to obtain a letter to enable you to reach Australian post your first entry date. Before taking a trip to Australia, get in touch with the department and also explain your compelling as well as caring scenarios why you were unable to fulfil the first entry date condition and clarify the situation to them with all the records in connection with the hold-up.

Just when the department decides not to cancel the visa as well as the concern you with a letter to verify ‘Remarkable and also engaging circumstances for violation of first entry date to Australia’, then you can travel to Australia. The department may request the date of your travelling back to Australia and include that date on the letter.

Helpful pointers

Always read the days and conditions of your visa.
Seek lawful advice before taking an activity. Make sure to speak to professionals in this area.
You should not offer any incorrect details or files to the division at any moment.


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