Australia’s Partner Visa Program is going for major changes hopefully in  2021

English Language Requirement for Australia Partner Visa Applicants

The Australian Partner visa program does not currently require applicants or sponsors to meet any English language requirements.

The upcoming Australia Partner visa reforms will need visa applicants and their irreversible resident sponsors to offer evidence of a practical level of English or to demonstrate that they have made reasonable efforts to find out English at the time of the permanent Partner visa phase.

Sponsors Pre-Approval For Australia Partner Visa

Currently, sponsorship and Australia Partner visa applications are lodged at the same time. As part of the Australia Partner visa reforms, the use Department of Home Affairs will be introducing a brand-new sponsorship framework, requiring sponsors to be authorized before their partners can request the Australia  Partner visa. The framework will likewise enforce commitments on sponsors and offer civil charges and administrative sanctions for breach of responsibilities.

In a pre-approval stage, developing a two-step process is likely to increase the processing time for Partner visas. Onshore applicants (subclass 820) in particular may be adversely affected as they will be limited from lodging their application until their sponsor has been authorized.

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Australian Partner Visas|Spouse Visas

  Partner (subclasses 820/801) Visa

  Partner (subclasses 309/100) Visa

  Prospective Marital relationship (subclass 300) Visa

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