Canada is one among the popular countries that attract migrants with its welcoming people, scenic beauty, and environment affable to work, study and settle, the country lead in livability ranking too. On the social front, Canada offers enough opportunities to immigrants to involve in the various community activities such as sports, arts, and so on through innumerable community and recreation centres. With the growing demand for skilled workers in the Canadian labour market, there is a significant increase in skilled immigrants. The Canada PR from Australia allows many potential skilled migrants to migrate to Canada and settle there.

canada pr from australia


The Canada Express Entry Program, introduced in 2015 helps Canada to manage skilled immigrants. Canada offers you the best healthcare, high standard of living, better job prospects, and safety, and you can find more which makes Canada the most suitable place to immigrate. Where immigration to Canada from Australia permits you to work, study and settle in beautiful cities such as Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Richmond Hill, Vancouver, Vaughan and Burlington, which are famous for immense job opportunities, growing economy, high-quality living, and good salary.

The prioritization of Canada Express Entry System and other changes in the migration policy such as the lowering of the minimum required CRS scores and an increase in the immigration target have benefited the prospective skilled immigrants. If you are a potential migrant in Australia and wish to apply for Canada PR from Australia, you can do so in the following ways:


  1. Skilled Migrants through Express Entry System

1.Federal Skilled Worker Program
2.Federal Skilled Trades Program
3.Canadian Experience Class

  1. Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

The eligibility requirements for Canada PR from Australia

The basic necessities for Canada PR from Australia depend on the type of program you choose.

Federal Skilled Worker Program: 

The skilled workers and professionals’ immigrants, who wish to apply for the Canada permanent residency, can submit visa application under the Federal Skilled Worker Program, but they need to meet the following minimum eligibility requirements:

  1. Skilled work experience: This is one of the most important requirements needed for the skilled worker program. You are needed to have at least one-year continuous full-time experience or an equivalent part-time experience continuously, in the last ten years in a skilled job. It must be featured in Skill Type 0, or Skill Level A or B on the National Occupational Classification list and you must have experience of working in a paid job. To meet this requirement any volunteer work or internships unpaid will not be considered. You need to provide the availability of this experience previously lodging the application for the Canada permanent residence under the Federal Skilled Worker Program.
  2. Language skills: To make you eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker Program you are required to fulfil the language efficiency in English or French. For this purpose, you need to score 7 in the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) in the four abilities like reading, writing, listening and speaking. You must submit a test report from an IRCC-designated language testing organization as evidence which should be less than two years old.
  3. Education requirement: To apply for this program, your educational qualification must be a degree, diploma or certificate which should from a Canadian or foreign educational credential or equivalent to a Canadian secondary or post-secondary school. You are required to submit an Educational Credential Assessment report as evidence to show that your foreign educational credential is equivalent to the Canadian one.
  4. Financial status: You need to provide proof that you have enough money to support your family and yourself. For this purpose, you have to produce evidence of your financial stability.


Federal Skilled Trades Program:

You can apply for a Canada PR from Australia under the Federal Skilled Trades Program if you meet the requirements of a skilled trade. For this purpose, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

You need to have a plan to live and work anywhere in Canada except Quebec province.

  1. You need to have the language skill requirements for speaking, reading, listening and writing for English or French.
  2. Need to have at least two years of full-time work experience or equivalent or a part-time work experience continuous in the skilled trade not less than 5-year-time before applying for the permanent residency.
  3. You need to meet the job criteria of the specific skilled trade set by the National Occupational Classification (NOC) for primary qualification.
  4. You just need to have an offer of full-time employment for a minimum of one year or a qualification certificate in the relevant skilled trade from a Canadian provincial, territorial or federal authority.
  5. You must have experience and training from an employer for you are expected to be assessed by a particular province or territory where you wish to travel, live and work.

Canadian Experience Class:

If you want to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker and work and live in Canada permanently, you can do so under the Canadian Experience Class by carrying out the Express Entry profile and meeting the minimum required qualification.

You must have a minimum of one-year skilled work experience full-time or part-time of equal amount, in the previous 3 years in Canada when you apply for Canada immigration. The skilled work experience must be in:

  1. Managerial jobs (NOC skill level 0)
    2. Professional jobs (NOC skill type A)
    3. Technical jobs and skilled trades (NOC skill type B)

Possess proper authorization for the work experience gained in Canada. Must have required language skills in writing, speaking, reading and listening for the job. You are willing to live outside the Quebec province.

canada pr from australia

Eligibility Criteria for Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) 

If you wish to migrate to Canada from Australia under the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), you need to update yourself with the real-time information on qualification and nomination guidelines and streams because they change without any prior notice. The nominations for the eligibility can be:

  1. Under a Non-Express Entry Stream,
    2. Under the Express Entry Stream

If you are eligible and provide the evidence for your eligibility, you can put forward an application for Canada PR from Australia to IRCC for both non-express entry and express entry.

Know how the Express Entry works for Canada PR From Australia

When you wish to apply through the Express Entry system, you need to:

  1. Fill are required to fill in the Express Entry profile online by providing details such as your language ability, skills, education, work experience, and other related details. When the information mentioned in the profile is proved to meet the eligibility, you can enter in the Express Entry pool.
  2. You must have secured a ranking in the pool under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) based on the education, skills and experience, language ability and other factors mentioned in your profile. When you secure high scores, you are invited to apply for the specific program within 90 days of the invitation.

Canada Immigration from Australia under the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Canadian provinces and territories have their own immigration programs and eligibility criteria if you are choosing skilled or semi-skilled workers under the PN. If you wish to migrate as a provincial nominee, you must have the required work experience and education and work skills.  Nevertheless, the nomination guidelines are subject to change according to the province you are applying for:

  1. Under a Non-Express Entry Stream: You must go through a paper-based application process and provide confirmation of your eligibility and nomination from a particular province or territory.
  2. Under the Express Entry Stream: You must satisfy the necessary eligibility and minimum criteria for the Express Entry, yet you need to fulfil a minimum of one of the immigration program requirements the system covers.

The above information assists you in applying for Canada PR  from Australia process easily.


canada pr from australia

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