5 Important Steps for South Australia State Sponsorship


South Australia state sponsorship can be a rich and rewarding career opportunity for international students based in Australia. South Australia offers great opportunities to students who have completed their studies in Australia to apply for Australian PR through the South Australia state sponsorship program. Graduates of South Australia are thus benefitted by the SA nomination initiated by Immigration SA.

south australia state sponsorship

South Australia is recognized as one among the most liveable places in the globe for various reasons such as comfortable lifestyle, diverse and welcoming community, safe living, great job opportunities for skilled workers, state nomination, robust and productive economy, and world-class education.

Where you are an international student who graduated in South Australia, you can qualify for a General Skilled Migration visa via South Australia state sponsorship nomination, provided you consider living and working in South Australia for at least two years. Keep reading to know more about South Australia state sponsorship if you are keen to apply for Subclass 190 or Subclass 491 visa.

5 Steps to Apply for South Australia State Sponsorship Nomination

The following steps help you apply for South Australia state sponsorship without any difficulty.

  1. Where you are an international graduate of South Australia, to apply for state nomination SA, you need to meet the necessary requirements given below:
  2. Age
  3. Commitment to the state
  4. Work experience
  5. Skills assessment
  6. English language skills
  7. Financial capacity

You stand eligible for certain waivers and exceptions in regards to work experience, English language, and financial requirement, provided you meet the requirements asked by the state.

  • You are required to file an Expression of Interest (EOI) through SkillSelect. The EOI should contain information like personal details, work experience, nominated occupation from SA skilled occupation list, study and education, English language skills, skills assessment details related to the nominated job, and business experience. You can choose your preferred state like South Australia, as well as select the relevant visa: Subclass 190 Skilled Nominated visa or Subclass 491 Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa.

Once you have submitted the EOI, you need to wait for the reply, which is sent monthly through the automated system. The processing time for the invitation however depends on the number of EOIs received. Where you get an EOI ID number, you need to record it for applying for South Australia state sponsorship nomination.

  • Next, you need to lodge your  South Australia state sponsorship nomination application duly filled in with all the details mentioned in the EOI, as well as any information regarding chain migration, where you stand eligible to apply for ‘Supplementary Skilled List ‘or ‘special conditions apply’ occupation; evidence of your South Australian family residing in SA for past one year; and additional points, such as community language, Professional Year, Skilled Partner and Partner with Competent English points through the Immigration SA website.
  • You can track your application online; where a decision on the South Australia state sponsorship application has been made, it is shown on the ‘Immigration SA application webpage.
  • On approval of the South Australia state sponsorship nomination, you will be sent an email inviting you to apply for the relevant visa by the Department of Home Affairs. All you have to do is to follow the procedure.   


Top 5 Reasons to Live in Adelaide South Australia

Adelaide is an extremely calm city with a slower speed of life and famous for being socially progressive. The beautiful southern beaches have the advantage of close-by beachfront restaurants and cafes, laidback lifestyle with a gorgeous climate and real estate not unbelievably costly as other cities of Australia. The individuals here are renowned for being amongst the friendliest people around. These are couple of reasons out of lots of why Adelaide is frequently listed in the leading five of the world’s most livable cities in 2015 and 2016 in a survey of 140 cities worldwide judged based on culture, healthcare, stability, environment, infrastructure and education.

Adelaide offers all the advantages of bigger cities however will not let you deal with many of the typical issues that you have to deal with while living in a larger city. If you are believing of moving from Sydney to Adelaide, then there are many reasons specifying why this is the finest relocation you will ever make.

Let’s consider Top 5 Reasons to Relocate To Adelaide:

  1. Economical Living

Cost of living in Adelaide is great as the city is quite cost-effective, and property rates are not unreasonably high as in Melbourne and Sydney.

According to a report of a famous residential or commercial property website in 2017, Adelaide is Australia’s most budget-friendly city to buy a residential or commercial property after Hobart. If we compare the average home rates of Adelaide, which stands at $440,000, to other significant cities of Australia like- Sydney where rates are much greater up to $880,000. Exact same goes for Melbourne where it is $675,000, and in Brisbane, where it is- $497,200. For this reason, the data rather states all of it.

  1. Incredible Food

Food is among the biggest destination points of Adelaide. Not only its dining establishment menus have the world’s tastiest cuisines, but they are reasonably priced too. It has exceptional restaurants, and the food here is multicultural with a lot of diversity. Adelaide’s city centre has an abundance of food alternatives, which offers a diverse mix of cafes and casual food alternatives.

  1. Beautiful Climate

Adelaide has a stunning climate, and the weather condition remains beautiful throughout the year.

  1. Lively City

Adelaide city is famous for its life, and individuals here are friendly and inviting. In a city like Adelaide, you will never ever feel alone due to the fact that of the warm and welcoming individuals over here.

The Festival City– It organizes unbelievable world-class shows and festivals:

Mid-March– Adelaide is the craziest month in Adelaide. It is the time when the city is flooded with tourists from all over the world. Artists from various parts of the world come to get involved in this celebration to showcase their talents.

Other significant celebrations in Adelaide consist of WOMAdeliade, The Adelaide Show, and Garden of Unearthly Delights etc.


  1. Transport

Taking a trip in Adelaide is much convenient. The roads are not generally jam-packed. Even if you do not have your vehicle then moving around the city is rather comfortable. There is an exceptional public transport system with many cable cars and buses and trains; it’s quite simple to navigate.


This city is carefully planned that you will never ever be lost even if you are brand-new and very first time visiting the city. Parking also is very easily offered as opposed to other cities where you can spend the entire day looking for a free parking area.


Employment in South Australia

South Australia has a reasonably little workforce, with around 7% of national employment. Work is focused in Adelaide, which accounts for 78% of state work.

Over the past 5 years, work development in South Australia was below the nationwide average. Throughout this period, nevertheless, employment grew throughout most markets, with the largest varieties of tasks included in

– Health Care and Social Support (up by 13,300).

– Accommodation and Food Solutions (13,000).

The biggest fall in work over the past 5 years was in Manufacturing (down by 6,800, or 8.4%). Manufacturing employment has succumbed to much of the past five years but has recovered just recently, with strong growth over the past year offsetting a few of the previous falls.

South Australian employees are less most likely to hold post-school credentials than employees nationally. A greater share of employees in this state holds a certificate III or greater vocational qualification (31%) than those who have a bachelor’s degree or greater (28%).


Though the details given above help you acquire South Australia state sponsorship, it is, however, essential to find a genuine immigration consultant Adelaide to guide you for eligibility, completion and submission of application for successful South Australia state sponsorship nomination approval. Migration agents Adelaide are registered and are recognized for their knowledge and experience to handle any issues pertaining to South Australia state sponsorship.   

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