What are the minimum IELTS bands required for Canada PR?

To be honest, there is no fixed answer to your question. It all depends on an individual profile. I am assuming, you are thinking of Canada PR under Express Entry System. The minimum score required is six each in IELTS.But in actual, the minimum IELTS score required varies from profile to profile.

Example: If someone is 30 years old, has done Master level qualification, has 6 + experience and spouse is having five each in IELTS, this person will become eligible with six each.

On the other hand, if someone is 25 years old, has done Bachelor, has one year experience, single. He would not be eligible with six each result in IELTS under Express Entry Program.


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Is there a rule that we have to live in Canada for atleast 2.5 years within 5 years of getting the PR card, otherwise PRship can be canceled?

To maintain your status as a Canadian permanent resident, you must be physically present in Canada for at least two years within a five-year period. It is not at all necessary that you have to live 2 years in one shot. You can complete 2 years period in installments but in 5 years.


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With an Australian 189/190 visa, can I have a job other than the nominated occupation?

Once you have received your Australian PR visa, you can do any type of job. You can even set up your own business.


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What is RPL for Australian immigration?

RPL under Australian Immigration program stands for “ Recognition of Prior Learning”.

As a MARA Agent (Australia), sometimes, I find a client who has the experience in a nominated occupation but no relevant qualification.

Example: Someone completed B.Tech (Mechanical) in 2005 but working as a Software Engineer since 2005. This man has roughly 12 + years experience in IT field as a Software Engineer but he is not having qualification related to IT. This guy can apply for ACS Skill Assessment under RPL pathway. Under normal pathway, someone holding IT qualification equivalent to Australian Bachelor, ACS deducts 2 years of employment experience. Under RPL Pathway for the above-given example, ACS will deduct 6 years of employment experience.


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Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa (Australia) – Bill not passed

The Department originally announced that the new five-year Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa would be introduced at around this time. However, the Bill enabling the new visa to come into effect has not yet been approved by the Senate.
The passage through parliament of the Migration Amendment (Family Violence and Other Measures) Bill 2016 is as follows:
House of Representatives: Introduced 1/9/16; Passed 10/10/16
Senate: Introduced 10/10/16; 2nd reading adjourned 10/10/16, 16/10/17
Provisions of bill referred to Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee 15/9/16; Committee report tabled 10/10/16.

Source : MIA

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Australia Immigration From India Under Skilled Category

Are you a skilled professional aged above 18 and under 45 with minimum 3 years’ experience and keen to settle down in Australia on a permanent basis? In the event you answer is “Yes”, then to apply for an Australian Immigration under skilled category should be your major step.

Australia has a vast demand for skilled professionals and is eagerly looking for skilled immigrants. On an average, roughly 180000 people get their residency in Australia under skill category.

Come, let’s discuss Australia Immigration under skilled category at length

What Exactly Is Australian Skilled Migration Program?

Australian Skilled Migration is an excellent platform for skilled workers to make a move to Australia and live permanently in Australia. Under Australian General Skilled Migration program, skilled migrant can use their language ability, work experience, qualification and spouse skills to meet the requirements of Australian immigration for a permanent Australia visa.

General Skilled Migration Program is a major way for skilled workers to immigrate to Australia. Applicants must meet the requirements that are necessary and qualify the Points Test of Australian immigration to get a visa to move to Australia.

The key requirements for an Australia Skilled Migration are:

• Age of the Candidate – Age of the primary applicant must be between 18 to 45  years;
• Nominated Occupation – The primary applicant nominated occupation must be either in  MLTSSL or  STSOL list.
• English Language – Candidate needs to have enough capability in the English language to work in Australia (at the very least a competent level);
• Health Assessment – Applicant must be in logically in great health. The applicant will need to have their health assessed by a panel of medical professional approved by Australian immigration department and proceed through a medical check-up.
• Character Assessment – Applicant must certainly be of good character.
• Skills Assessment – Before you apply for a visa, candidates should have their skills assessed through the designated of Australian assessing authority to assess their nominated occupation.

In the event, applicants aren’t able to meet up the visa requirements and qualify in the Points Test, then applicants must not continue with an Australian General Skilled Migration application.

Who Will Be Eligible Under Australian Skilled Migration Program?

The Australian Skilled Immigration program provides great opportunities for skilled workers to apply for an Australian Skilled Visa. Experience, Age, Qualifications along with other important factors are considered. In simple words: the purpose of the Skilled Migration Program is to attract highly employable people for Australian migration.
The Australia skilled migration program is available for individuals who are highly skilled and under 50 and who can rapidly make a positive input towards the Australian economy.

In order to make an application that is valid, applicants must certainly be in a position to satisfy these basic requirements. You should not continue with a skilled migration application if you are not able to satisfy these basic requirements}.

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