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Australian Work Visa Subclass 457

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The Australian Subclass 457 working visa is a temporary work visa that allows employers to sponsor overseas workers to fill nominated skilled positions. To apply for 457 work via, visa applicant must have an employer willing to sponsor him / her as part of the visa application process. Employers must meet specific sponsorship and nomination criteria before the prospective employee can apply for a 457 visa.
The Temporary Work 457 visa (commonly known as an Australian Work Permit) is valid for stays between 3 months and 4 years.
Essentially there are three steps involved in a 457 visa application of this type:

Step 1 – Standard Business Sponsorship

The sponsorship application process will involve an assessment of the business’ standing, the proposed benefit to Australia as a result of employment of the applicant and the business’s commitment to training Australian citizens and residents.

In order to be approved as a sponsor, the business will need to be able to demonstrate that:

  1.  It is a lawfully and actively operating business.
  2.  It is or will be the direct employer of the temporary business entrant.
  3.  The Department of Immigration and Boarder Protection (DIBP) may check that the company has a satisfactory record of compliance with immigration laws and that there is no available adverse information about the business and/or its principals.
  4.  The business has a strong record of, or a demonstrated commitment to employing local labour.
  5.  The business must demonstrate its contribution to the training of Australian workers by providing evidence of meeting the training benchmarks. These benchmarks were introduced to ensure that the employment of workers from outside Australia is not seen as an alternative to training Australian workers.
  6.  For the two training benchmarks, the business must also show a commitment to maintain that level of expenditure in each fiscal year for the term of approval as a sponsor.
  7.  The business agrees to abide by the relevant sponsorship undertakings.

 Step 2 – Nomination of position to be filled 
Nomination is the process of identifying an eligible occupation in a business to be filled by a skilled overseas worker.

The purpose of the nomination process is to identify all of the following:

  1.  The occupation relevant to the position to be filled
  2.  The skills and experience required for the position
  3.  The market salary rate for the position and the salary rate to be paid to the prospective overseas employee
  4.  The name of the prospective overseas employee
  5.  The location where the employee will be working
  6. For nomination to be approved, the business must meet the following requirements:
  7.  Nominate an eligible occupation
  8.  Meet minimum salary and market rates requirement
  9.  Meet direct employer requirements
  10.  Provide employment terms and conditions that meet certain requirements.

Step – 3 Visa Application 
The third and final step in the application process is the completion of the visa application on behalf of the applicant.

In order for the visa to be granted, it will need to demonstrate that the visa applicant:

  1.  Is sponsored by an employer to fill a nominated skilled position
  2.  Has skills, qualifications, experience and employment background that match those required for the position
  3.  Meets all necessary health and character requirements
  4.  Has demonstrated English language ability
  5.  Visa applicant is eligible for any relevant licenses or registration required for the nominated position.
  6.  Has health insurance.

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Do you need help with your Working Visa Subclass 457 application? Call us now to talk to the experts in Working visa Subclass 457. Our contact no. are: 0433303774 & 0432521905. Mr Sanjayai Kapoor, a leading Australian work Visa 457 Consultant Agent based in Adelaide.

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