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Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Subclass 482 Visa

The TSS 482 Visa, also known as TSS visa Subclass 482, is designed to source genuinely skilled persons to deal with the skill shortages in the Australian Labour market by the employers. The visa addresses the unavailability of the skilled Australians for specific occupations by targeting the skilled overseas workers to work on the nominated occupation temporarily.

Nonetheless, the Temporary Skill Shortage TSS 482 Visa gives priority to the Australian workers first and if unavailable gives opportunities to the foreign skilled workers to stay and work in their nominated occupation for an authorized sponsor under any of the streams like:

  • Short-Term
  • Medium-Term, and
  • Labour Agreement

tss 482 visa

Get to Know the 3 Streams of Sponsorship For TSS 482 Visa

For the TSS 482 visa you are sponsored to work in a nominated occupation under the following three streams:

1. Short-Term Stream: Where your employer desires to source you as an overseas skilled worker and sponsor you for the occupation that comes under the Short-Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) temporarily, he/she can do so under the Short-Term stream and fill the position for the maximum period of 2 or 4 years. The four-year period applies where an employer under an International Trade Obligation (ITO) is eligible to nominate you if:

  • You are an intra-corporate transferee:
  • from a company established in a country or territory, which is a member of WTO (World Trade Organization)
  • designated in an Executive or Senior Manager position
  • who holds a citizenship of a WTO member country or territory?
  • You are a national/citizen of China
  • You are an intra-corporate transferee from a company established in Singapore or Thailand and you hold the citizenship of the respective country
  • You want to establish your current business, which you are operating in Thailand, in Australia and you are a Thailand citizen nominated in an Executive or Senior Manager position

If you are a citizen or national of Thailand, the employer can nominate you under the short-term stream of Temporary Skill Shortage Subclass 482 visa up to three years.

2. Medium-Term Stream: If the employer desires to source and sponsor you as the overseas skilled worker, he/she can do so under the medium-term stream for 4 years for the jobs listed on the MLTSSL (Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List) or Regional Occupation List (ROL).

3. Labour Agreement Stream: Where the employer enters into a Labour agreement to sponsor you as an overseas skilled worker, he/she may do so under this stream.

Medium TSS Visa vs Short TSS Visa

Medium and Long Term TSS Visa (482) ·        Occupation on MLTSSL

·        Renewable onshore and unlimited times

·        Pathway to permanent residency (after 3 years)

·        IELTS 5 (no skill below 5) or equivalent, unless exempt

·        2 years of relevant work experience required and meet

         ANZSCO requirements

·        No age limits

·        Meet health and character requirements

·        Employer tests the Australian Labour market before an

application to sponsor (LMT)

·        The employer must pay the Australian Market Salary Rate (AMSR)

Short-Term TSS Visa (482) ·        Occupation on STSOL

·        Renewable once onshore (2+2 max in total onshore) + more offshore

·        IELTS overall 5 (no skill below 4.5) or equivalent, unless              exempt

·        NO permanent residency pathway unless regional

·        Show the intention of temporary stay (GTE requirement)

·        2 years of relevant work experience required and meet

         ANZSCO requirements

·        No age limits

·        Meet health and character requirements

·        Employer tests the Australian Labour market before an

application to sponsor (LMT)

·        The employer must pay the Australian Market Salary Rate (AMSR)

TSS Visa -Regional (ROL) ·        Occupation on the Regional Occupations List (ROL)

·        The employer must be in a designated regional area

·        Renewable onshore and unlimited times

·        Pathway to permanent residency (after 3 years)

·        IELTS 5 (no skill below 5) or equivalent, unless exempt

·        2 years of relevant work experience required and meet

         ANZSCO requirements

·        No age limits

·        Meet health and character requirements

·        Employer tests the Australian Labour market before

an application to sponsor (LMT)

·        The employer must pay the Australian Market Salary Rate (AMSR)


tss 482 visa

General Eligibility Criteria for TSS 482  Visa – All Streams

You need to satisfy the following general eligibility requirements to acquire the Temporary Skill Shortage Subclass 482 visa.

1. Age: To apply for this visa you do not have any age requirement.
2. Approved Sponsor: The Temporary Skill Shortage Subclass 482 visa requires the proposed employer, who should be an approved sponsor, to nominate you. If not an approved sponsor, the employer should have at least applied to become a standard business sponsor, which asks for satisfying a few general requirements such as:

  • Being a lawfully operating business, where it is legally established and operating inside or outside Australia.
  • Absence of any adverse information like a contravention of a law of a State, territory, or Commonwealth or is under investigation or subject to legal proceedings or disciplinary action due to the contravention of law against your business.
  1. English Language Skills: You need to demonstrate that you have sufficient English language skills to qualify for the Temporary Skill Shortage Subclass 482 visa. For the purpose, you need to write any of the following English tests and prove your proficiency.
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language internet-based test (TOEFL iBT)
  • Occupational English Test (OET)
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic test
  • Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) test

You are required to complete the test with the required scores for the relevant stream within three years from the date of submitting your visa application.

English Test Scores Required for Various TSS 482 Visa  Streams

As a primary applicant, you must meet the required test score for the stream you belong to. The required test scores for the streams are given below:

Tests Short-Term Stream Middle-Term Stream Labour Agreement Stream
IELTS An overall band level of minimum 5.0, with at least 4.5 level in each of the components like listening, speaking, reading and writing An overall 5.0 band level minimum, with at least 5.0 level in each of the components (LSRW) Proficiency required according to the Labour agreement
TOEFL iBT A minimum total score of 35, with at least 3 each for listening and reading and at least 12 each for speaking and writing. A minimum total score of 40, with at least 4 each for listening and reading and at least 14 each for speaking and writing. Proficiency required according to the Labour agreement
OET A score of minimum ‘B’ in reading, writing, listening and speaking A score of minimum ‘B’ in reading, writing, listening and speaking Proficiency required according to the Labour agreement
PTE Academic An overall score of minimum 36, with a score of 30 each in the four components An overall score of minimum 36, with a score of 36 each in the four components Proficiency required according to the Labour agreement
CAE An average score of at least 154, with a minimum score of 147 each in the four components of listening, speaking, reading and writing An average score of at least 154, with a minimum score of 154 each in the four components of listening, speaking, reading and writing Proficiency required according to the Labour agreement
  1. Skills and Qualifications: You need to prove that you possess essential skills and qualifications for the Temporary Skill Shortage Subclass 482 visa. For the purpose, you may need to have the skills assessment to prove your skills. If the skills assessment is not mandatory, you are required to furnish some evidence to show that you meet the skills required for the nominated occupation. The evidence to provide includes:
  • A copy of your educational qualification relevant to the nominated occupation. This includes the certificates showing professional qualifications too.
  • A copy of registration or licensing required for the employment.
  • Previous employment references, which must be submitted on letterhead and must contain the details like the name, title and contact information of the person referring you. The other details to include are the position and dates of service.
  • A copy of a resume or curriculum vitae, with complete details of your educational qualifications and employment history.
  • A copy of the document showing a minimum of two years’ work experience in the related field or nominated occupation.

Where the skill assessment is not mandatory, the department can use its discretion to ask for the skills assessment. In such a case you are sent the request in writing as a part of the visa application process.

5. Work Experience: To get qualified for the Temporary Skill Shortage Subclass 482 visa, you must have at least two years of work experience in a related field or nominated occupation. You need to provide sufficient proof showing the completion of work. Where you have worked in some specific industries as a part of your study, mentioned below, the experience gained by it can also be included.

  • Medical or research occupations as a part of your Masters and/or PhD
  • Internship, a clinical/industry placement, or apprenticeship is undertaken through a formal arrangement during studying and it is done:
  • As a requirement of a CRICOS registered course of study, where an internship or apprenticeship is essential for the occupation or as a part of the Professional Year Program.
  • At the skill level of the related or nominated occupation, outside of a CRICOS registered course of study.

Your work experience must be gained through working on a full-time basis either continuously or by equivalent part-time work, which is relevant and current, in the last five years. Any causal employment undertaken during this period will not be counted for the purpose.

6. Health Requirements: The Temporary Skill Shortage Subclass 482 visa asks for meeting certain health requirements to stay and work in Australia. However, the health requirements for the TSS visa Subclass 482depend on various factors such as:

  • The visa type you are applying for
  • The duration of time you intend to stay in Australia
  • The tuberculosis risk level of your country
  • Any significant medical conditions that apply
  • Any special circumstances applicable
  • Your proposed activities in Australia

You have to undergo health examinations immediately after applying for the visa and provide a certificate stating that you and any of your accompanying family members are free of any disease. In many cases, the health examination can be organized before the lodging of the visa application and health reports is examined by the department to determine whether you meet the requirements.

Health Insurance: You are responsible for all the health-related expenses while in Australia. As the national healthcare scheme (Medicare) is provided only to permanent residents, it is advisable to have health insurance for the length of your stay in Australia. In case of those visa holders from countries where reciprocal health care agreements are there, only necessary health care is provided by Medicare. As such being the case, any temporary visa holder needs to have comprehensive health insurance coverage before travelling to Australia.

7. Character Requirements: You are also required to meet certain character requirements for Section 501 of the Migration Act 1958 insists on having a good character. For the purpose, you have to submit a police certificate received in the last 12 months or more from the country you have lived in the last ten years. You fail the character test if you:

  •  Have a significant criminal record.
  •  Have been pronounced guilty of escaping from immigration detention.
  • Are suspected of being involved with people engaged in illegal activities like smuggling, genocide, people trafficking, etc.
  • Are proved to be not a person of good character due to your past and present criminal record.

Where your sponsor is an accredited sponsor and he/she provides a reference in confirmation of your good character, then you need to provide police certificates from Australia and not from the countries you have lived in the last 10 years.

tss 482 visa

Additional Eligibility Requirements under Various TSS 482 Visa  Streams

The following streams ask for the additional eligibility requirements in case you belong to any of them.

Short-Term Stream: The other requirements, in addition to the general ones above, are:

  • As a short-term visa holder, you are a genuine applicant called “Genuine Temporary Entrant” (GTE) for entry and stay in Australia.
  • You work either directly or for an associated entity of your sponsor. It is not required in case the nominated occupation exempts you from this.

Medium-Term Stream: The Temporary Skill Shortage Subclass 482 visa under this stream requires you to meet the following requirements.

  • Work directly for your sponsor or an associated entity of your sponsor if the nominated occupation does not exempt you form this.

Labour Agreement Stream: The other essential requirements, in addition to above, are:

  • You work in a nominated occupation mentioned in the Labour agreement, which is entered into by your employer with the Department.
  • You have work experience of a minimum of two years in the nominated employment or a related field is required by the Labour agreement.

The TSS 482 visa involves a three-step process:

Step 1: a sponsorship application by the employer (the company needs to be a lawful, active, operating business and satisfy local Labour and work methods).

Step 2: The 2nd part of the application process is the election application. This is about the position to be filled, salary information, efforts to hire Australian workers as well as the ‘reliability’ of the placement. The business has to likewise be sensible to sponsor from overseas.

Step 3: a visa application by the nominated staff member. The visa applicant has to show that they satisfy the abilities required for their profession in addition to health as well as personality demands.

Processing Time for Temporary Skill Shortage Subclass 482 Visa

The processing time for the  TSS 482 Visa is based on the number of applications received for the 457 visas before the implementation of the TSS visa and the transitional arrangements undertaken for 457 nominations and visa holder. However, the department is trying for the reduced processing time by initiating streamlined processing arrangements for the new TSS 482 visa framework.

Cost of the TSS 482 Visa

As for the cost of the Temporary Skill Shortage Subclass 482 Visa, you have to pay them depending on which stream of visa you are applying for. The fee details are given below:

  • For applicants under Short-Term Stream: AUD1150
  • For applicants under Medium-Term and Labour-Agreement Stream: AUD2400

You have to pay the fee at the time of applying for the visa. In case of including any family members, there is an additional fee as given below:

Additional applicant charge for 18 years and above:

  • For Short-Term Stream: AUD1150
  • For Medium-Term and Labour-Agreement Stream: AUD2400

Additional applicant charges for 18 years and under:

  • For Short-Term Stream: AUD290
  • For Medium-Term and Labour-Agreement Stream: AUD600

The Temporary Skill Shortage Subclass 482 Visa also has sponsorship and nomination charges of AUD420 and AUD330 respectively, which have to borne by the employer.

Cost for Health Examination and Character Certificate

The charge for the health examinations for the Temporary Skill Shortage Subclass 482 Visa is your responsibility. Generally, a panel of physicians decides the required examinations and some of the tests suggested by the panel are the radiological and pathological tests, as well as medical examinations. You are also required to have immunization against tetanus, diphtheria, hepatitis B, and so on.

You have to pay the charge directly at the clinic or to the concerned doctors who do the examination. However, the cost of the health examination depends on the tests suggested. As for the character, you have to produce a police certificate, which has a fee and it can vary from country to country.

Our Professional Services Fee

It depends on the work involved in our end.

tss 482 visa

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) -TSS 482 Visa

When do I lodge the TSS Sponsorship, Nomination as well as Visa applications?

Business (employer) must be an approved Sponsor to choose somebody for a TSS 482 visa. Only as soon as the Sponsorship is lodged, can you lodge the Nomination application? Once nomination application has been lodged, you can then lodge the TSS 482  Visa application. All 3 applications can be lodged in quick succession, before a decision is made on any given application, provided they are lodged in that order.

Once the Nomination has been approved, you will have 12 months to lodge the Visa application before the Nomination expires.

What happens if the employee is already holding a 457 or TSS 482 visa?

If this holds, the visa holder is subject to a condition on their visa that means they are only allowed to work for their approved Sponsor.

Before a TSS visa holder can change his/her employer, the immigration department needs to first approve the details of the role and the salary. The Sponsorship responsibilities that relate to the visa holder likewise require to be transferred to the new approved Sponsor. All these things are done through new employer lodging a new Nomination application.

Again, the new employer needs to be an approved sponsor to lodge a Nomination application. A new Visa application is generally not needed.

4 crucial points on Nomination transfers:

  1. The visa holder cannot start work with the new Sponsor till the time, new Nomination has been approved. If the visa holder starts working with the new employer before the Nomination being approved, he/she will breach visa conditions.
  2. The new Sponsor takes on the Sponsorship obligations for the visa holder as quickly as the new Nomination is approved.
  3. The visa expiry date on the original visa remains the same. If you want a longer visa duration a new visa application needs to be lodged.
  4. A Nomination transfer application might considerably influence the visa holder’s qualification for long-term residence. This can be made complex to analyze, as well as relies on several aspects consisting of the profession and when the original 457/TSS visa was accepted.

Visa holders that have been chosen in an occupation in the Medium to Long-Term Strategic Skills listing (MLTSSL) will normally be qualified for long-term residence through the Temporary Residence Stream once they have been working with their TSS visa for their sponsoring company for a minimum of 3 years (visa owners chosen in the Short-Term Stream are generally not eligible through this stream).

If a new Nomination is lodged to move the sponsorship to another approved Sponsor, this will ‘reset’ the 3 years of employment required to be qualified for the permanent visa.

Example: Mark is holding TSS 482 Visa as Software Engineer with the company” XYZ Pty Ltd.” His occupation is in MLTSSL List.  He started working with his employer from 1st August 2018.   He is not at all happy with the working environment in his present employer. He started looking for a new employer who can hire him on TSS 482 Visa. Luckily, he found a new employer and the employer applied for a new nomination for him under the same occupation.

The new nomination got approved on 30th Nov. 2018 and he joined the new employer on 1st Dec 2018.  He will consequently not be eligible for a permanent visa through the Temporary Residence Transition Stream up until at the very least 1st December 2021, subject to any kind of periods of unpaid leave.

What if I made an error while lodging my TSS 482 Visa application?

If the error was made while you were preparing the form for lodgment, you can easily change your answer at any time before you submit.

If you saw the blunder just after the application has been lodged, you must update Immigration immediately. There can be severe consequences if inaccurate details have been provided with an application, especially if a document is ‘fake’ or if the info could be seen as deceptive. An inquiry of this nature from Immigration can, at best, cause significant hold-ups and, at worst, lead to visa refusal, an exclusion period from Australia.


Can I lodge my TSS 482 Visa application from inside Australia if I hold a Bridging Visa or I do not hold a visa at all?

You might still lodge your application onshore if you do not hold a substantive visa. However, it is very important to keep in mind the only Bridging Visas eligible for a TSS visa are Bridging Visas A, B or C.

If you hold a Bridging Visa E, or no visa whatsoever, you might be able to apply for a TSS visa, however extra actions will certainly need to be taken to change your immigration status.

What happens if I need evidence of my work experience and my referee no longer works with the organisation, or the organisation has shut down?

You have a few alternatives here. You can still ask this person to write you a reference provided:

– the referee can explain that he/she no more works with the company or the company no longer exists;

– the referee can recall clearly, how long he/she worked with you;

– the referee is very clear about your job duties/job role.

Immigration wants more information! Exactly how to Deal with Requests for More Information.

Occasionally, even if you lodge TSS 482 Visa with every possible document you can think of, Department requests more information. If there is a request, you must review it meticulously and also seek to supply every document asked for.

If you have been requested something that has already been given (which happens once in a while), re-upload it. If you cannot provide something that is asked for, explain why cannot you get and upload the explanation.

What happens if my existing visa gets expire before I get a decision on my TSS 482 Visa application?

When a candidate is on substantive visas (i.e. not a Bridging Visa) and lodges a visa application while in Australia they are usually given a Bridging Visa automatically. This visa permits them to remain in Australia while a decision is made on their application, regardless, the length of time it takes. The Bridging Visa does not come ‘right into effect’ until the existing substantive visa ends.

What If I Need to Travel Overseas During Processing of TSS 482 Visa?

If an applicant intends to take a trip while his/her application is processed and the applicant is on Bridging Visa A, the applicant must apply for Bridging Visa B and once granted, should make a trip.

How can I add my family members in TSS 482 Visa Application?

The primary applicant can only add someone in the application if they are a ‘member of the family unit’. The applicant can only include:

– Their partner (de facto or married).

– A biological child, step-child or dependent child, provided they:

– they are under 18; OR.

– Above 18 but are less than 23 and are still dependent on the family and

– are not married or engaged to be married.

Family members over the age of 16 must satisfy character requirements.

Secondary applicants are not supposed to satisfy the English requirements for the TSS 482 visa.

Will family members get job rights on TSS 482 Visa?

All member of the family included in the application will have no job restriction– they can work without restriction.

What will the TSS 482 visa validity be for a member of the family?

The visa duration will be the same as the primary visa holder.

What if my relationship breaks down with my partner while the TS 482 visa application is pending?

This is a significant development and Immigration department needs to be informed as soon as you are sure, the relationship is finally over. Once you have informed the department, your ex-partner can no longer be part of your application.

If you are not the primary applicant and the partnership ended due to family violence, you should look for some advice.

I was outside Australia when my TSS 482 visa was approved– how much time do I have to make a trip?

There is no specific due date by which you will certainly require to travel to Australia. However, if you do not move Australia for a very long time and it comes to the knowledge of the immigration department, they might question your real intention to take up the role. However, this does not apply to secondary applicants.

Once I reach Australia as a TSS 482 visa holder, for how long do I have before I have to start a job?

You should start your job within 90 days of entering Australia.

Who can I work for on the TSS 482 visa?

If your Sponsor is an Australian business, you can work for the Sponsor directly or an ‘associated’ entity of the Sponsor.

If your Sponsor is an overseas business, you should work directly for the overseas company/sponsor.

Can I do volunteer job outside of my TSS 482 Visa?

If you are genuinely volunteering a couple of hours a week for a registered charity, this ought to be okay. However, if the job you are doing would generally attract payment, this would certainly be seen as employees and therefore a breach of visa condition.

Can I change my employer while on a TSS  482 visa?

If you are the holder of TSS 482 visa and you want to change employer, you are not supposed to make an application for a new visa, provided you are working in the same occupation. However, before you start working for a new employer, you must be Nominated by the new employer and the nomination has got approved.

If you start working with your new employer before the Nomination is approved, you will be in the breach of visa condition and your visa may get cancelled.

Can I change my occupation while on a TSS 482 visa?

If you want to change your occupation or your employer desires you to work in some other occupation, new nomination and visa applications need to be approved before you start working in a new occupation.

What if I stop working with my Sponsor while on a TSS 482 visa?

If you stop working with your Sponsor, you have the following options:

  1. Depart Australia within 60 days;
  2. Find a new Sponsor and also lodge a nomination to change your employer within 60 days;
  3. Lodge an alternate visa application (such as student visa).

When you stop working with your sponsor, your Sponsor is bound to notify the immigration department within 28 days.

I am a TSS 482 visa holder currently– can I include a family member to my visa?

A family member can be added to your TSS 482 visa by making a separate visa application. This is called ‘subsequent entrant’ application.

I had a baby boy in Australia as a TSS 482 visa holder– what visa does he hold?

Your child will certainly be deemed to hold a TSS 482 visa.

Can my employer reduce my wages?

It is feasible to decrease wages by lodging a new nomination with a lower wage, provided the wage is still market rate and above the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT), presently AU$ 53,900. You would need to accept the modified wage by signing a new employment contract and a new application would certainly incur an additional Skilling Australians Fund levy repayment on behalf of your sponsor.

Can I go on Leave Without Pay (LWOP)?

TSS 482 visa holders are covered by the National Employment Standards, making them eligible for unpaid leave (e.g. study or sabbatical leave, recreational or holiday leave without pay, sick leave without pay, parental/carer/personal leave, maternal and/or paternity leave). You would certainly not be considered to violate your visa conditions exclusively based on this overdue leave. This is because you are taken into consideration to remain to be employed by your sponsor (regardless of not working or earning a salary).

For any LWOP it is expected that:

– both you and your sponsor have agreed that LWOP will be taken; as well as

– there is an official application for leave without pay that has been formally approved by your sponsor.

Can I work from overseas on my TSS 482 visa if I cannot return to Australia because of COVID 19?

If you can execute your work from overseas, then you can work from overseas. A written contract between you and sponsor should be established for record-keeping as well as sponsorship obligation objectives.

It should be noted that work performed overseas may not be included as time spent helping your sponsoring company in Australia for the objective of a permanent visa (such as a Subdivision 186 in the Temporary Residence Transitional stream). Immigration will examine this on a case by case basis.

Can my staff member do another job within the business?

Under conditions 8107 and 8607 of the TSS 482 visa, holders are restricted to work only in their nominated occupation. On top of that, sponsors are required to ensure that the TSS 482 visa holders operate in the nominated occupation only.

If you are found working in a different occupation, your visa may be cancelled as well as your sponsor may become subject to sanctions affecting their capability to sponsor workers in future.

Can I work elsewhere and return to my initial sponsor when business gets normal?

Conditions 8107, as well as 8607 of the TSS 482 visa, respectively limit the visa holder to only working for their sponsoring employer (or associated entity).

Can my sponsor end my employment? Can I leave Australia and travel to my home country?

From an immigration perspective, sponsors are required to remain to adhere to their sponsorship obligations, as well as adhering to the standard Fair work policies during COVID 19 period.

If your employment ended, you would usually have 60 days to depart Australia, or find a new sponsor, or lodge a different type of visa to stay here before immigration would consider you to violate the work conditions and want to cancel your TSS 482 visa.

If your employment is terminated and also you want to leave Australia, your sponsor is obliged to pay affordable travel expenses for you and also any family dependent on your visa.

The department takes into consideration the adhering to costs to be reasonable and necessary:

– travel from your usual place of residence in Australia to your departure point from Australia (i.e. from residence to the airport).

– travel from Australia to the country for which you hold a passport and intend to travel to.

– economy class air travel or a reasonable equivalent.


tss 482 visa

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