Australian Resident Return Visa Requirements

The Australian Resident Return visa requirements help you determine your eligibility for the permanent visa with a travel facility of up to 5 years. It allows you to travel overseas and also keep your permanent resident status. Where you are a former permanent Australian resident, with the permanent visa not cancelled or an Australian citizen who lost your citizenship, you can retain or gain your Australian PR by meeting the Australian Resident Return visa requirements and applying for the Australia Resident Return visa.


resident return visa requirements

Australian Resident Return Visa Eligibility Requirements (Subclasses 155 & 157)

You must fulfil the following essential Australian Resident Return visa requirements to obtain the Australian RRV.

Immigration Status Requirement: To apply for the Australian Resident Return visa (subclasses 155 & 157) you must meet the following immigration status like:

  • an Australian permanent resident.
  • A permanent resident earlier and your last Australian PR visa is still valid.
  • An Australian citizen earlier who lost or disowned your citizenship.

Where you are an Australian PR and have stayed in Australia for a minimum of two years in total out of the last five years in the same name and date of birth since the time you were granted the visa, then you automatically meet the Australian Resident Return visa requirement and need not produce any support documents.

Meet Resident Requirement: You must stay a minimum of two years out of five years in Australia as an Australian PR.

Valid Passport: You must have a passport for applying for the visa.

Character Requirements: Where an Australian penal clearance is required as an Australian Resident Return visa requirement, you need to submit an Australian National Police Certificate or the receipt or email copy of it if you have applied for a National Police Check. Otherwise, you must furnish the original certificates, along with your application.

While sending the original certificates, you must see that you send the Complete Disclosure National Police Certificates from the Australian Federal Police. However, the national police certificates or standard disclosure certificates from the state’s police is not accepted.

Your character is also assessed for the Section 501 of the Migration Act 1958 insists on having a good character, which is proved by submitting a police certificate received in the last 12 months or more from the country you have lived in the last ten years. You fail the character test if you:

  •  Have a significant criminal record.
  •  Have been pronounced guilty of escaping from immigration detention.
  • Are suspected of being involved with people engaged in illegal activities like smuggling, genocide, people trafficking, etc.
  • Are proved to be not a person of good character due to your past and present criminal record.

Family Members: When applying for the Australian Resident Return visa, you must apply it individually and not include your family members. Nonetheless, family members can apply separately.

Obligations: The Australian Resident Return visa requirement also requires you, as well as your family members, to conform to the Australian laws.



resident return visa requirements

How We Can Help You?

The information above gives you complete knowledge of the Australia Resident Return visa requirements; nevertheless, you need some guidance as it is not easy to get all the documents ready and apply for the visa. Moreover, the Resident Return visa (subclasses 155 and 157) asks for sending the visa application on time after satisfying all the requirements and providing support documents against your claims in the application.

You must also learn how to apply and pay the application fee and know what the transaction reference number is. In case of any failure to satisfy any of the criteria will result in the rejection of your visa application. As a registered migration agent, Immigration Help can help you get your Australia Resident Return visa by dealing with any issues successfully. When it comes to acquiring the permanent resident visa again, we have considerable experience in dealing with it to get it granted. We can help you with the Australia Resident Return visa requirements and process and deal with any of the following like:

  • Determining your chances of getting your Australia Resident Return visa granted by conducting a preliminary assessment of your eligibility.
  • Helping you with the Australia Resident Return visa requirements and ensuring whether you satisfy the close ties to Australia requirement. We can work with you to gather the essential documents for evidence to show your cultural, personal, business, or employment ties.
  • Confirming whether you have compelling and compassionate reasons for your absence in Australia.
  • Providing all the documents and evidence in support of your claims to speed up the process.
  • Take care of your priority consideration in case you need the Australia Resident Return visa immediately.
  • Assisting you in reestablishing your earlier Australian permanent residence status.
  • Dealing with enquiries from the Department of Immigration and responding on your behalf adequately.
  • Helping you update the changes with regard to change of address, mistake, providing more information, and so on.
  • Getting you ready for the Interview on the requests from the Immigration office during the visa application process.


resident return visa requirements

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