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Australia Resident Return Visa FAQ

The Australian Resident Return Visa FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) need to be addressed as there are many complications found in the applications for the Australian RRV due to the absence of adequate information, compelling and compassionate reasons, or supporting documents. You can find some of the most important Resident Return Visa FAQ to help you have a better understanding of the visa and procedure.

Resident Return Visa FAQ


Who should apply for a Resident Return Visa?

The Australian Resident Return visa is meant for you in case your travel facility on the current permanent visa is expired or is about to expire. The RRV helps you retain your Australian PR status, as well as travel overseas and return.


What eligibility requirements must I have to apply for an RRV?

To become eligible for the Resident Return visa, you must be:

A permanent resident of Australia.

A permanent resident earlier and your last PR visa is still valid.

An Australian citizen earlier and lost or disowned your citizenship.

You have lived for a total of at least two years in Australia within the past five years.

Where you do not meet the residence requirement, you must satisfy the business, employment, cultural or personal ties to Australia requirement.


How do the Australia Resident Return Visa subclass 155 and 157 differ?

The subclasses 155 and 157 visas are differentiated based on the duration of the travel facility they provide: The subclass 155 visa offers up to 5 years of travel facility from the date it is granted. The subclass 157 visa, on the other hand, offers three months from the date of the issue of the visa.


What documents do permanent residents need to return to Australia?

If you want to travel overseas as a permanent resident, you have to make it sure that you can return. Generally, your visa for permanent residency allows you to leave and return to Australia for up to five years from the time it was issued to you. In case you want to leave and come back to Australia as a permanent resident after five years, you must have a 5-year Resident Return Visa.


How long will it take to process my application for a Resident Return Visa?

Since the visa applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis, the processing time for a visa depends largely on the applicant’s individual circumstances, as well as the number of applications available for processing. However, the processing time for the 5-year RRV is 5 days to 43 days, where 75 per cent to 90 per cent of the visa applications are processed.


Who can help me apply for a visa?

For immigration assistance in Australia, you can find a migration agent, registered by the Office of the Migration Agent Registration Authority. Immigration Help is a licensed MARA agent who can help you with the Resident Return visa services.


If my application for RRV is refused, can I apply for it again?

Yes; however, you need to change your visa application as it could be refused for one or many of the reasons like:

You failed to meet the conditions of the visa.

You did not support your claims given in the application with enough information or evidence.

You made mistakes or gave false claims in your application.


Is there any limit for the number of Resident Return Visa that can be granted to me?



My Australian Permanent Resident visa is going to expire. I have visited Australia only one time and stayed for a month with my relative who holds a permanent resident status. I want to apply for an RRV. Could you advise me whether I can get the RRV for 5 years or if not less than that?

It is quite unlikely that you will be granted an RRV for you have stayed only 30 days out of the total 5-year period in Australia. The condition for 5-year RRV requires you to stay at least 2 years out of 5 years in Australia. Having a relative with PR status will not help you either. You need to otherwise show strong business, employment, cultural or personal ties to Australia to show your genuine intention to migrate to Australia.


My Resident Return Visa application was refused due to insufficient proof against my claims. Can someone tell me whether this will affect my future Australian visa applications?

Generally, the refusal of visa application will not stop you from applying for any Australian visas in future.


What if my passport is going to expire before my visa expires?

As a matter of fact, you must get a new passport in case your passport is going to expire or expired or damaged. You must update your new passport details as your visa is still valid. You can provide your new passport details through your ImmiAccount or fill in Form 929 with the details and send by post. Alternatively, you can have your visa re-evidenced in the new passport at any of the DIBP office located in the world.


I received an Australian Resident Return visa subclass 157 and I must return to Australia shortly. I am doing my final year at a university in the USA and I cannot go back to Australia now. I received the visa so quickly. What should I do? Should I apply for it again?

The condition to meet for the subclass 157 visa is that you must stay in Australia for at least 2 years. If you are not visiting Australia on the current visa immigration, it shows that you do not have a genuine intention of being an Australian PR. Though you apply for it again there is a less chance of it being approved and granted.


My present PR visa is going to expire. Should I apply for an RRV?

You can apply for it; however, the recent RRV will replace the earlier visa you are holding.

Resident Return Visa FAQ


How We Can Help You?

Though the Australian Resident Return visa FAQ can help you learn various circumstances when the visa is granted or refused, it is advisable to seek the help of a visa consultant who can resolve your issues related to your RRV application. Moreover, getting all the documents ready and applying for the visa is not easy.

Australian Resident Return visa (subclasses 155 and 157) asks for sending the visa application on time after satisfying all the requirements and providing support documents against your claims in the application. You must also learn how to apply and pay the application fee.

In case of any failure to satisfy any of the criteria will result in the rejection of your visa application. As a registered migration agent, Immigration Help can help you get your Australia Resident Return visa by dealing with any issues successfully. When it comes to acquiring the permanent resident visa again, we have considerable experience in dealing with it to get it granted.


We can help you with the Australia Resident Return visa process and deal with any of the following like:

Ascertaining your chances of getting your AustralianRRV granted by conducting a preliminary assessment of your eligibility.

Helping you with the visa requirements and ensuring whether you satisfy the close ties to Australia requirement. We can work with you to gather the essential documents for evidence to show your cultural, personal, business, or employment ties.

Confirming whether you have compelling and compassionate reasons for your absence in Australia.

Providing all the documents and evidence in support of your claims to speed up the process.

Take care of your priority consideration in case you need the Australia Resident Return visa immediately.

Assisting you in reestablishing your earlier Australian permanent residence status.

Dealing with enquiries from the Department of Immigration and responding on your behalf adequately.

Helping you update the changes with regard to change of address, mistake, providing more information, and so on.

Getting you ready for the Interview on the requests from the Immigration office during the visa application process.


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