Australian Resident Return Visa Cost

The Australian Resident Return visa cost varies time and again. The price of the visa, however, is mainly dependent on the date when the visa application is received at the immigration office. The price for the visa may not be the same because if there is an increase in price between the date you submitted your application and the date the application reached the immigration office, you have to pay the new price. You need to pay the amount for the visa application in Australian dollars (AUD), and it is paid as the visa application charge. The current Australian Resident Return visa cost includes various charges, and the details of the visa cost are given below:

resident return visa cost

Australia Resident Return Visa (Subclasses 155 & 157)

Applying for Resident Return Visa (RRV) outside Australia:

When it comes to applying for the Resident Return visa outside Australia, you must pay the fee, which includes the base application charge of AUD365 and the non-Internet application charge of AUD80 in case you apply for it on paper. In this visa, the additional applicant charges are not applicable and included in the Australian Resident Return visa cost. Each member must apply for his/her own Resident Return visa.

Applying for Resident Return Visa (RRV)  in Australia:

For those applying for the Resident Return visa in Australia, you must pay the base application charge of AUD365 if applying online and the non-Internet application charge of AUD 80 if the application is made on paper. The fee for the visa is the same as that in applying from outside Australia. In this case, also the additional applicant charges are not applicable for each family member must submit his/her own Resident Return visa application.

Character Requirement

The police checks for the character requirement has a fee and it can vary from country to country.

Our Professional Services Fee

It depends on the work involved in our end.

resident return visa cost 

Why Should You Contact Us?

The Australian Resident Return visa cost depends much on the category of the visa applied for and whether you apply for it from outside or in Australia. Nevertheless, you need to find help from an expert who can take care of the application and the necessary documents to be attached to the claims. You can also know the application fee.

Failure to satisfy any of the criteria will result in your visa application rejected. Being a registered migration agent in Adelaide, we, at Immigration Help, have considerable experience in dealing with the visas of any types. We can help you give the estimate of the Australian Resident Return visa cost and deal with any of the following issues that come across while applying for the visa.

  • Discovering your chances of getting your Australia Resident Return visa granted by conducting a preliminary assessment of your eligibility.
  • Assisting you with the visa requirements and ensuring whether you satisfy the close ties to Australia requirement. We can work with you to gather the essential documents for evidence to show your cultural, personal, business, or employment ties.
  • Confirming whether you have compelling and compassionate reasons for your absence in Australia. Though getting the compelling reasons for your absence accepted is difficult, we put in all our experience to help you demonstrate them for not staying in Australia.
  • Providing all the documents and evidence in support of your claims to speed up the process.
  • Take care of your priority consideration in case you need the Australia Resident Return visa immediately.
  • Assisting you in reestablishing your earlier Australian permanent residence status.
  • Dealing with inquiries from the Department of Immigration and responding on your behalf adequately.
  • Helping you update the changes with regard to change of address, mistake, providing more information, and so on.
  • Getting you ready for the Interview on the requests from the Immigration office during the visa application process.

resident return visa cost

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