NSW State Sponsorship

The NSW State sponsorship is meant for skilled and business individuals who want to stay and work in Sydney and regional NSW in Australia. Through this NSW Business and Skilled Migration Program, the state attracts skilled migrants, as well as business and investor migrants to NSW and nominates them for the NSW State sponsorship. With innumerable opportunities for professionals, NSW promises high-quality living standards and career prospects.

nsw state sponsorship

Get to Know NSW State Sponsorship Visas for Skilled Individuals

The NSW State sponsorship is available for skilled individuals and business people or investors who are required to meet the NSW requirements. As a prospective skilled migrant, you can apply for the following visas to migrate to New South Wales on NSW State Sponsorship.

Essential Eligibility Requirements for NSW State Sponsorship

For the NSW State sponsorship, you need to meet the following eligibility criteria:

1. Meet NSW Occupation requirements: It is essential to determine your eligibility by finding the suitable nominated occupation given in the NSW occupation list. For the purpose, the New South Wales runs different lists for the NSW 190 and 491 programs.

The NSW 190 program lists occupations in two streams: Stream One: NSW 190 Priority Skilled Occupation List and Stream Two: Occupations requiring high ranking candidates. The occupations are eligible for qualification under the NSW 491 program are listed on the NSW 489 Skilled Occupation List. The list is updated based on the requirements of the labour market in New South Wales.

2. Age: To become eligible for the NSW State Sponsorship, you must be under 45 years of age.

3. Obtain Points-Test Pass Mark: The NSW State Sponsorship asks for a pass on the points’ test to reveal the skills and attributes you need to stay and work in New South Wales. To qualify you to need to score 65 points; however, the NSW nomination considers your eligibility if you score at least 50 points on the Department of Home Affairs points test and award you extra five points on being selected for the NSW State sponsorship.

4. English Language Skills: You need to prove that you have Competent English to qualify for the NSW State sponsorship and for that you have to provide evidence of any of the following:

  • A score of minimum 6 in each of the four test parts such as listening, speaking, reading and writing of the IELTS (International English Language Testing System).
  • A score of minimum ‘B’ in each of the four parts of the OET (Occupational English Test).
  • A minimum test score of 12, 13, 21 and 18 for listening, reading, writing and speaking of the TOEFL – iBT (Test of English as a Foreign Language – Internet-based Test).
  • A score of minimum 50 in each of the four parts of the Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic.
  • A test score of minimum 169 in each part of the speaking, reading, listening and writing of the Cambridge English of Advanced English (CAE), and
  • You are a citizen of Canada, the United States of America, the Republic of Ireland or New Zealand and hold a valid passport.

You must have taken any of the tests mentioned above within three years before applying for nomination visa.

5. Skills Assessment: The NSW State sponsorship necessitates that your skills are assessed as suitable for the nominated employment. A relevant assessing authority, entrusted by the relevant state or territory to decide the criteria for the skills assessment of various jobs in compliance with the relevant professional standards, can assess your skills.

A university or trade qualification is the most important criterion to receive a positive assessment in many cases, while the relevant work experience also counts important for some employment. It is better to arrange your skills assessment and know the charges before you submit the EOI. Based on the points, you are invited to apply, where you have to attach the scanned copies of relevant documents as proof of the skills assessment. The skills assessment is valid for three years and must be submitted with the application before it expires.

Though the validity of the skills assessment is generally three years, you need to submit it, along with the application before the expiry date.

nsw state sponsorship


6. Health: You need to meet certain minimum health standards if you want to have the NSW State sponsorship granted to you. However, much depends on personal circumstances when it comes to meeting the health requirements. In most of the cases, you have to provide evidence of being free of any disease after a health examination, which is done at the time of the visa application process. There are particular requirements for arranging a health examination, and your health reports are assessed by the departments to determine whether you satisfy the requirement.

7. Character: Section 501 of the Migration Act 1958 requires you to have a good character and assess you for the same. It asks for the police certificate for the last 12 months or more from the country you live in the last ten years.

How to Apply for NSW State Sponsorship?

The steps are given below help you apply for the NSW State Sponsorship.

Assess your eligibility: This can be done by researching the DOHA 190 or 491 visa requirements, as well as the NSW State Sponsorshiprequirements and eligible occupations. Once you find the occupation suitable to the NSW nomination, you can apply for the skills assessment. You can also simultaneously get ready all the required evidence supporting your application.

Submit your EOI in SkillSelect: You have to fill in and register the Expression of Interest (EOI) in the SkillSelect and wait for the invitation. It should, however, be noted that the details given in your EOI must be accurate and the latest. Moreover, the registration of the EOI does not necessarily result in NSW invitation.

Receive an invitation to apply for NSW nomination: Where your application is ranked high, you receive an invitation to apply for the specific NSW nominated occupation. Nevertheless, the invitation to apply is not received within a time –frame. You have to wait for it.

Lodge NSW nomination application: On receiving an invitation to apply, you are required to lodge your NSW State Sponsorshipapplication, along with the fee, online within 14 days. The supporting documents, including the skills assessment, must be sent as proof of evidence.

Nomination by NSW to DHA: NSW processes the applications within 12 weeks and nominates the suitable and successful applicants to DIBP by inviting to apply for the 190 or 491  visas through the SkillSelect. The nomination by the NSW will make you eligible for five extra points.

Apply for the190 or 491 Visa with DHA: Once you receive the ITA, you are required to submit an application to DHA  for the 190 or 489 Visa within 60 days of the nomination by NSW.

Know the outcome of the application: You are granted the visa on a successful assessment by DHA. Next, you have to travel to NSW and live and work for two years. During the time you can fill in the ‘NSW Skilled Nominee Information Update’ form and also take part in the NSW Department of Industry surveys of Skilled Nominated Migrants.

nsw state sponsorship

About New South Wales

New South Wales, which is situated on the southeast coast of Australia, has a vast area of about 800,000 square kilometres. The state is known to offer quality life and best education. Being an immigrant, you can enjoy the world’s finest beaches, beautiful seaside towns and cities. Sydney, one of the most famous tourist destinations, is the capital city of the NSW state.

This cosmopolitan city is quite vibrant and offers innumerable career opportunities to the immigrants. Apart from Sydney, there are plenty of welcoming towns and cities inside New South Wales, where you can enjoy a calm and peaceful life. The lush pastoral countryside and grazing lands are the attractions of NSW, and they offer you an opportunity to enjoy the serenity of nature.

The residents in the state live a relaxed rural life and are involved in farming and agriculture. On the western side of NSW, you can find expansive drylands and famous desert landscapes. This region offers world-class resources and renewable energy. The southern part of NSW is recognised for the alpine regions, and they are best suited for thrilling sports enthusiastic.

Here you can have the best time enjoying snow sports like skiing and snowboarding. The north coast is covered with endless beaches and sub-tropical rainforests. The borders of this majestic NSW state are surrounded by Queensland to the north, Victoria to the south and South Australia to the west and the Pacific Ocean on the east.

Some of the Famous Places in NSW

NSW takes pride in offering high standards of living, which are equal to the United Kingdom, Western Europe and North America, in its beautiful cities. You can find vibrant and thriving industries like agriculture, mining, tourism, manufacturing, energy, and service. Some of the best places to travel, live and explore are:

  • Sydney
  • Newcastle
  • Wollongong
  • Regional NSW

nsw state sponsorship

Advantages of Living in NSW

You can enjoy an unsurpassed quality of life in New South Wales, and the state is rated the best in the world continuously. Whether it is a large metropolitan city or a small rural area, you can enjoy rich, contemporary and diverse lifestyles. The state offers the topnotch healthcare system, lowcost of living and best education systems.

Healthcare: The state has affordable, easily accessible and leading healthcare systems, which is regarded as one of the best in the world. The qualified General Practitioners (GPs) and well-experienced health officers offer their services both in metropolitan cities and rural areas of NSW. There are about 84 private hospitals, 210 public hospitals, 280 community-run health centres and 500 infant centres to make this place well-equipped for any medical emergencies.

Medicare Australia, which is the public health service of the country, provides full health benefits for permanent residents and Australian citizens. The Reciprocal Health Care Agreement (RHCA) with the Australian Government of your country will benefit you with free or low-cost health treatments in public hospitals. Apart from this, you are entitled to purchase health and travel insurance to cover you during your time in Australia.

Education: The state provides one of the best education systems in the country. Whether it is in kindergarten to universities, they are designed to offer excellent education. Moreover, if you want to pursue tertiary colleges and adult education courses, NSW has immense opportunities for it. The public schools in the state, which range from comprehensive school to specialist schools, give free education.

Apart from public school, a wide range of private schools are also available, and they offer an education based on different religious values and ideas. Many universities in NSW are known for their world-class education and ranked as the leading universities in the world. The tertiary education system in NSW is known to offer international standards of education, which draws a large number of international students from all over the world. They offer a diverse range of vocational diplomas and adult education.

Cost of Living: The people in NSW enjoy a low cost of living and has a flourishing economy compared to that of Asia and the Pacific. The salaries offered in the industry in the state are of international standards and make living pleasant and convenient. You can avail fresh food, furniture, clothing, cars and fuel at reasonable rates.

Weather: You can enjoy arid to the semi-arid climate here and the rainfall averages from 150 millimetres (5.9 in) to 500 millimetres (20 in) a year throughout. During summer the climate is very hot and winter nights are very cold. The rainfall differs from place to place. The highest maximum temperature recorded is 49.7 °C (121 °F), and the lowest is 23 °C (−9 °F).

nsw state sponsorship


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