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Australian jobs are very popular among skilled professionals all around the globe. Australia is a developed country & not like the Gulf or Africa where most of the locals are having no education/skill and calling overseas professionals to do the job. Australia needs skilled professionals because of the limited population.

Australia has produced 15 Nobel prize laureates and every day over 1 billion people around the world rely on Australian discoveries and innovations – including penicillin, IVF, ultrasound, Wi-Fi, the Bionic Ear, cervical cancer vaccine and Black Box Flight Recorders – to make their lives, and the lives of others, better.

jobs in australia


Despite the small population, Australia has a far bigger economy and far better living standard compared to most countries in the world. the population is ageing and the birth rate per year is decreasing day by day. Australia needs young professionals who could work for a good no. of years and contribute to the Australian economy by paying taxes. These taxes would help respective governments keep on offering various facilities to its citizens.

Most of the Australian employers want candidates to have work rights and be physically present in Australia. They want you to have work rights so that they don’t have to act as sponsors which are what they would have to do if your visa does not entitle you to work in Australia.

Many of you are going to qualify for general skilled migration visas, all of which have full work rights for all family members and this is our preferred method of migration to Australia. Some of these general skilled migration visas are permanent residence visa and others are temporary visas [a pathway to obtaining permanent residence] but all have working rights.

Some of you are not going to be eligible for general skilled migration visas and might have to try to obtain an offer of employment and sponsorship by an employer but this is the more difficult route.

It’s more difficult route because, unless you have working rights associated with your visa, employers will have to act as sponsors which include making onerous undertakings to the Australian Government such as agreeing to repatriate you and your family and making financial commitments to training the Australian workforce.

It is, therefore, a far easier option for an employer to recruit a migrant who has working rights even though that migrant might be less qualified.

Australian employers like to meet people face-to-face and securing a job offer is as much about your personality profile and attitude as it is your skills. This is why you need to be in Australia. It displays a level of commitment and readiness that you simply can’t achieve sitting in your home country.

Going directly to employers is the key. Get out there and make yourself visible. Talk to people in the business, make phone calls (yes cold calls) and get your details to spread far and wide.

If you want to work in Australia, you must be an Australian Permanent Resident. If you have a desire to work in Australia but not holding Australian PR, apply for Australian Permanent Residency Visa if eligible.

NOTE: Issues mentioned above are equally valid for Canada as well as New Zealand

If you want to have an idea about the no. of positions available in your occupation, please visit the following Australian job sites:

jobs in australia


Advantages of Australian PR

  • A family visa and spouse is allowed to work full time from day one
  • Work and live permanently
  • Free education for children
  • Subsidized medical facilities
  • After 4 years you’re eligible for citizenship
  • Sponsor close relatives for permanent residence
  • Start your own business
  • Old Age Pension and many more

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