Graduate Temporary 485 Visa

The Australia Skilled  Graduate Temporary 485  Visa allows you as an international student to live, study and work in Australia after you have graduated from an educational institution in Australia. The visa helps you to stay in the country temporarily. You can access the visa once as a primary applicant and must be in Australia while applying for it. If anyone, along with you is covered by the application then he/she must be in Australia and stay until the visa is decided. The Graduate Temporary 485 Visa falls under two streams:

  1. Graduate Work Stream
  2. Post-Study Work Stream.

Graduate Temporary 485 Visa


Eligibility Requirements for Graduate Temporary 485 Visa

Be Under 45 Years of Age: You must be under 45 years while applying for the Subclass 485 Temporary Graduate visa.

Hold an Eligible Visa: As for the eligible visa, the following conditions apply to find you meet the requirement.

  1. You have a student visa.
  2. a member of the main visa holder’s family of the Subclass 485 visa.
  3. The main applicant and have undergone training or course under a scholarship scheme or a training program formally approved by the Defence Minister or the Foreign Minister on the condition to stay only until the completion of the course in Australia.
  4. At any time in the past six months, you were holding an eligible student visa, and you now possess:
  5. a Bridging visa A or Bridging visa B, or
  6. a substantive visa
  7. The eligible student visa you held was cancelled; however, you have received a notification of the decision of the Migration Review Tribunal in the past 28 days to set aside and replace the Minister’s decision not to revoke the cancellation.


Graduate Temporary 485 Visa


Furthermore, you are not eligible:

  1. If your visa application has been cancelled or refused since last entering Australia, except for holding a substantive visa.
  2. In case of any “No further stay” conditions according to the numbers 8503, 8534 or 8535 on your current visa and it stops you from applying to stay in Australia. Where the condition 8503 or 8534 is attached to your current visa, you have to use the paper form 1409 (635KB PDF) to apply for the Temporary Graduate visa for it has an application to waive the condition.

English Language Skills: The English language proficiency for the Graduate Temporary 485 Visa requires you to provide evidence of any of the following:

  1. A valid passport is showing that you are the citizen of the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States of America, New Zealand, or the Republic of Ireland.
  2. A Test Report Form (TRF) that details the overall score of at least 6, with a minimum of 5 in each of the four test parts namely listening, speaking, reading and writing in an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) test, which has been taken in the three years before applying for the visa.
  3. A score of at least B in the four sections of the Occupational English Test (OET), which has been taken immediately in the three years before applying for the visa.
  4. A score report is showing the total score of 64, where the minimum score for each of the components like listening, reading, writing and speaking is 4, 4, 14 and 14 respectively in the TOEFL iBT (Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet-Based Test). The test has been taken in the three years before the filing of the visa application.
  5. The Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic score report showing an overall score of at least 50, wherein the minimum score should be 36 in each of the four sections of listening, reading, writing and speaking. However, you should have undertaken the test in the three years before the lodging of the visa application.
  6. A test certificate is proving the overall test score of at least 169, where you have acquired a minimum score at least 154 in each of the four test sections of speaking, reading, listening and writing in the Cambridge English Advanced (CAE) test. Nevertheless, you must have taken the test on or after January 1, 2015, and before the filing of the visa application.

You are eligible if you have completed any of the above tests in three years and sent the results with your visa application.

Graduate Temporary 485 Visa


Australian Study Requirements: The eligibility criteria for the Graduate Temporary 485 Visa also require you to meet the Australian study requirements in the last six months before applying for it. You are required to complete and assessed for one or more degrees, diplomas, or trade qualifications in any stream and recognised for an award by an Australian educational institution for the course or courses that:

  1. are registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS)
  2. were conducted in English as the medium of instruction
  3. were studied and completed in a total of at least two academic years, which is about 92 weeks
  4. took at least 16 calendar months in total to complete
  5. have been undertaken and completed by staying in Australia and holding a visa authorising you to study

You can find more information on the Australian study requirements below:

Acceptable Courses

The course or courses acceptable for the purpose must:

  1. be listed in the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS)
  2. have ensued and considered for an eligible qualification
  3. have been undergone while in Australia and completed
  4. have undergone a medium of instruction in English
  5. have been undergone and completed by holding a visa allowing you to study in Australia
  6. be considered only once for the Australian study requirements

You cannot use the English language proficiency programs for the above purpose.

Two Academic Years Study

Though CRICOS decides on the standard duration for each course in its list, the common requirement is two academic years, which is 92 weeks of study. Nevertheless, you are credited with only those weeks that are determined as the standard duration for the course by the CRICOS. In case you exceed the duration, you are credited with only the weeks that are fixed as the standard duration.


A point to be noted here is that only the study you have completed successfully will be considered for the academic years and not the subjects you did not clear. Moreover, if the duration of the course fixed is longer than 92 weeks and you complete two academic years despite completing the course, then you meet the study requirement.


Graduate Temporary 485 Visa


Credits and Exemptions

You are granted credits for the study undertaken in Australia, and they are counted towards meeting the Australian study requirement and only once. However, the credits are not counted in case of the following:

  1. They are already used to satisfy the requirement as part of another course
  2. Those granted for the study undertaken in Australia in a Non-CRICOS registered course or for the study undertaken overseas.

16 Months Period

You must undergo a study period of at least 16 calendar months to meet the Australian study requirements. For the purpose, the period starts when the study generally begins with lectures and ends on the date when all the academic requirements are completed.

Overlap of Qualifications

Where you have undergone different qualifications, and they overlap, the periods of study will be counted only once. For instance, if you have been granted credit from the earlier qualification for completing Diploma in Accounting and then Diploma in Finance and you are applying for the Graduate Temporary 485 visa under the Graduate Work stream, this is considered as overlapping qualifications and the periods of study are not counted more than once.

In case you have completed more than one qualification and use only the one you have completed recently to satisfy the Australian study requirement, then any credit granted for the recent qualification among the previous qualifications will be considered towards meeting the Australian study requirement. As for meeting the 16-month requirement, the credits based on the definite period of study within the previous qualifications may be used.

Study Undertaken Overseas

If you have undertaken some study overseas but have completed at the least two academic years of study in a CRICOS registered course is not less than 16 months in Australia, you still stand to meet the Australian study requirement. For instance, you must have completed not less than two academic years study in Australia if you have undertaken a six-semester Bachelor degree or three-year course, in any study pattern as long as you meet the Australian study requirement. For example, the study pattern may be:

  1. Semester 1 in Australia
  2. Semester 2 outside Australia
  3. Semester 3 in Australia
  4. Semester 4 in Australia
  5. Semester 5 in Australia
  6. Semester 6 outside Australia

Completion Date

You have to file the  Graduate Temporary 485 visa application within 6 months of the date of the completion of the course. As for the date of completion, it is the first date the institution notifies you through any of the following means that you are awarded the degree, diploma or trade qualification, and have satisfied all the requirements:

  1. Through publication in a newspaper
  2. By letter
  3. By email
  4. Through a publication on the internet
  5. Through the bulletin board at the tertiary institution

However, it should be noted that the completion date is different from the date of conferral of the award because, on the conferral date, you receive the qualification.

Health: The Graduate Temporary 485 Visa requires you to undergo certain health examinations to meet the health requirements. However, the health examinations depend much on your circumstances like your citizenship, proposed activities in Australia and where you stayed and how you spent time during the last five years. You need to undergo health examination based on the following factors:

  1. The length of time you intend to stay in Australia
  2. The visa type you are applying for
  3. Your proposed activities in Australia
  4. The level of tuberculosis risk in your country
  5. Any notable medical conditions
  6. Any particular causes or events  that might be applicable

The health examination results are generally valid for 12 months. Nevertheless, you can go through the “My Health Declarations Service” and determine if you need to go for a health examination. The above conditions apply to any members of the family unit included in your application.

Character Requirements: The visa asks for meeting certain character requirements laid under Section 501 of the Migration Act 1958. Your character is assessed against the requirements set, and you should be free of any of them to pass the character test. Nevertheless, you are required to submit police certificates for the country or countries you have lived in for a year or more in the last ten years since you turned 16 years of age.


The last ten years, in this case, is calculated immediately before the time you have lodged the Graduate Temporary 485  visa application. You must also give evidence of having applied for an Australian Federal Police check in the 12 months before applying for the visa. The application for the AFP check can be done online or manually.
The accompanying family members, who are 16 years of age or older, listed in your application are also required to conform to the above character requirements.

Outstanding Debts: The Graduate Temporary 485  visa requires you to have no or made plans to repay any outstanding debts to the Australian Government before applying for it. This applies to the family members listed in the application.

Health Insurance Requirements: If you are not covered by Australia’s national health scheme (Medicare), then you must have adequate health insurance. Living in Australia, you are eligible for Medicare if your country is listed under the “reciprocal health care agreement” with Australia. The adequate insurance coverage, in this case, is the level of coverage required to stay in Australia and the insurance company that covers you can be either in Australia or in your home country. Where you do not have the necessary private insurance coverage, your Graduate Temporary 485 Visa could get cancelled or refused. Nevertheless, it also does not guarantee that obtaining health insurance will grant you the visa.


Graduate Temporary 485 Visa


Specific Requirements in case of the Graduate Workstream and Post-Study Workstream:

1. Graduate Work stream: The international students graduated recently come under this stream for their skills and qualifications closely relate to the occupation listed in the eligible skilled occupations and recognised as in demand in the medium to long term in the Australian labour market. The Graduate Temporary 485 Visa in this stream is issued for 18 months from the date it is granted, provided you satisfy the following requirements.


  1. Your nominated occupation is listed in the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL).
  2. You provide evidence of having applied for the skills assessment by a relevant assessing authority for your nominated occupation in the visa application.
  3. The relevant assessing authority has assessed your skills and has found them suitable for the nominated skilled occupation.
  4. You have confirmed to the Australian study requirement in the past six months.
  5. Your degree, diploma, or trade qualification which is identified to meet the Australian study requirement is closely associated with the nominated skilled occupation in the MLTSSL. Nonetheless, you cannot nominate more than one occupation in the list and cannot change the occupation after applying for the visa.

2. Post-Study Workstream: Those who come under this stream are the recently graduated international students, who have an eligible qualification irrespective of their field of study from an Australian educational institution. The visa is given up to 4 years based on your qualification

Australia Skilled Graduate Temporary 485 Visa Requirements:

  1. You must have applied for and given the first visa to Australia on or after November 5, 2011.
  2. You have an eligible qualification.
  3. You have acquired a degree and above from the Australian university or a non-university higher education provider, which is registered on the CRICOS.
  4. Your qualification meets the Australian study requirement in the past six months. 

Eligible Qualifications –Graduate Temporary 485 Visa

The qualifications under this stream are considered to be the conferred eligible degree-level qualification like:

  1. Bachelor degree
  2. Bachelor (Honours) degree
  3. Masters by coursework degree
  4. Masters (extended) degree
  5. Masters by research degree
  6. Doctoral degree

For the purpose, any diploma level or trade qualification is not considered eligible.


Graduate Temporary 485 Visa


Avail Graduate Temporary 485 Visa Assistance to Stay and Work in Australia Temporarily

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