Benefits of Immigration to Australia

The benefits of immigration to Australia are innumerable as in the first place the country needs more migrants, especially the skilled ones to sustain economic growth. Australia is recognized for its unique and diverse climate, people, culture and geography. The country has come a long way sharing the sacrifice, talent, inspiration and success as one nation, which has a considerably good proportion of people born in other countries. Australian immigration is a long history, with people migrating to this country and working for its growth.

Where you are a skilled worker and long to settle down in a foreign country, Australia is the best bet among the few for its flexible, encouraging and successful immigration policies and for offering benefits of immigration to Australia. With the Department of  Home Affairs (DHA) responsible for the entry and settlement of the skilled migrants, this has helped a large number of immigrants to be a part of the community. The immigration policies laid out by the department has helped many skilled and talented people to find employment and appropriate visas and migrate and have a high quality of life in Australia.

Those skilled workers who want to settle in Australia can find the following benefits of immigration to Australia.

1. High Standard of Living: The promising economic growth in Australia ensures a high standard of living for its residents. It is viewed that the quality of life of people, including that of immigrants are above average when compared to other countries in the OECD countries list. Some of the factors that lead to a better standard of living are:

  • Occupation: When it comes to paid jobs, over 72 per cent of people who are aged between 18 and 64 are employed showing the average employment rate of 65 per cent.
  • Working Hours: Compared to the working hours of 1765 hours a year of people, including unskilled and skilled immigrants in the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries, those in Australia work just 1728 hours a year.
  • Income: The high rate of economy results in the best pay for employees. The skilled immigrants find jobs with better pay which helps them have higher disposable income than people in OECD countries.
  • Safe Community: With 93 per cent of people find someone to whom they can rely on when they are in need, Australia ensures safe community for immigrants to live and work.
  • Life Expectancy: The life expectancy of an Australian is 82 years and this is due to the high standard of living.
  • Satisfaction: Most of the Australians are found to be satisfied with a lot of positive and memorable experiences being in the country. There is enough enjoyment around while you stay, work or study in Australia.

Benefits of Immigration to Australia


2. High-Quality Education for Kids: Australia’s high-quality education system gives you and your family access to the world-class educational qualifications recognized by the Australian Qualifications Framework. The education system is uniform throughout the country, except for the minor variations in the system followed by provincial and territorial governments, which have rights to regulate their education system. With the Australian education system offering you three levels of education like primary, secondary and tertiary, it allows your children to have subsidized elementary and secondary education at public schools, which is up to 12 years. Furthermore, the government, education institutions and numerous public and private organizations offer you grants, scholarships and bursaries that help you finance your education.

3. Diverse Population and Cultures: Australia’s diversity of the population is one of the major factors for the increasing number of people migrating every year. With about 23.4 million people, the country prides itself to be diverse culturally and linguistically. The unique history of Australia shows extensive immigration from countries across the world and it shapes up the cultures, traditions and lifestyles of people. About 27 per cent of people in Australia are foreign-born residents and this number is increasing every year.

With the Australian immigration policies supporting the migration of people, especially skilled migrants, there is a lot of hope for the aspirants who are skilled and wish to live and work in Australia. The immigrants have done well all these years contributing to the economic growth and value of the country. The large local population, with skills not enough to match the industrial requirements, Australia works out a more or less skill-focused migration programme, which offers overseas skilled workers enough benefits of immigration to Australia.

4. Health Care: Immigration to Australia as a permanent resident gives access to free health care for you and your family. Nevertheless, the country offers a universal healthcare system, with every Australian PR or citizen having accessibility to Medicare. The health care benefits of immigration to Australia as PR get you free consultation, doctor visit, emergency room visit, pharmaceutical benefits, and so on. Moreover, you are also eligible for emergency medical services, irrespective of any province or territory you live or travel to, free of cost. There are also options for private healthcare and private health insurance supported by the government by offering subsidies.

Benefits of Immigration to Australia


5. Visa-free Travel to 170 Countries: Acquiring Australian citizenship or permanent residency will give you the benefit of travelling to over 170 countries without a visa. By holding an Australian passport, you gain visa-free or visa-on-arrival entry to many countries and this helps you enjoy your holidays with family, experiencing a new place, history, culture, food and people.  With the Australian passport ranked high in the world, you are allowed to have a stay for 14, 21, 30, 60, 90, or 180 days. In case you exceed this time limit, you are required to produce a visa.

6. Immigration Laws – Easy and Flexible: The permanent and temporary visas granted to skilled immigrants, sponsored by the employers or state governments offer full rights to them, as well as their dependents. With the states and territory governments having flexible rules in allowing skilled workers to migrate to Australia through the employer- or state government-sponsored programmes, it is quite easy for skilled workers to find employment and life in Australia.

7. Citizenship after Four Years: The benefits of immigration to Australiaextend further to offering you citizenship after four years of becoming a permanent resident. Acquiring Australian citizenship for a skilled migrant helps gain numerous rewards. You stand to become a part of Australia’s large and diverse community and gain voting rights in the federal and state or territory elections. You also have an opportunity to look for election to parliament. Other than finding jobs in the Australian Defence Force or the Australian Public Service, you re-enter Australia freely by having an Australian passport.

Benefits of Immigration to Australia


8. Sponsor Family Members: The Australian immigration permits you to sponsor your family members under the family stream migration program.

9. Unlimited WorkplaceRights: Working as an immigrant in Australia offers you full rights and protection. You are eligible for the similar pay rates, leave arrangements, shift calculations and other entitlements given in the Fair Work Ombudsman Pay and Conditions Tool (PACT) and offered to the Australian citizens.

Benefits of Immigration to Australia

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