Australia Visitor Visa Requirements


With Australia becoming a favourite destination of tourists, the Australia Visitor visa requirements help you know how to lodge your visa application and what documents you need to provide. The webpage gives you complete information on the eligibility criteria for a tourist visa.

A few countries take pride in being unique and diverse in aspects like geography, climate, people, food, festivals, and of course history. With many natural attractions like the Great Barrier Reef, Twelve Apostles, Sydney Harbor Bridge, Heritage Listed Ayers Rock, and more, visitors can have a memorable holiday in this vast and scintillatingly beautiful land. Other than these, you can experience the varied climate travelling around and enjoying a range of food items, shopping and festivals. To find and experience more, get to know the Australia Visitor visa requirements.

Australia Visitor Visa Requirements

Essential Australia Visitor Visa Eligibility Requirements

Visiting Australia requires you to have a valid Australia Visitor visa and you can apply for it if you meet the following Australia Visitor visa requirements.

You have a genuine reason to stay in Australia: Being a temporary entrant, you need to provide enough reasons to the Department of  Home Affairs (DHA) about the visit and stay in Australia. In case you are travelling to Australia:

  • On a holiday/vacation, or to visit your family or friends (subclass 600 visa), you must show your purpose of visit as a genuine visitor, for instance, as a tourist on the activity of fun, enjoyment, leisure, or entertainment or meet your family members and friends.
  • On a business visit (subclass 600 visa), you must show your intention to engage in business activities and provide.
  • your business background.
  • strong business reason to visit Australia.
  • the reason or evidence showing the business activity like making general business enquiries or negotiating, reviewing or signing a contract.
  • the reason for showing an activity that is a part of an official government visit.
  • evidence of taking part in conferences, seminars, or trade fairs, where you are not being paid for the participation.
  • As a genuine visitor to visit your family (subclass 600 visa) and you are sponsored by an eligible family member or a government official in Australia.
  • On a business visitor purpose (ETA subclass 601 visa), where you provide evidence showing the business activity like making general business enquiries or negotiating, reviewing or signing a contract.
  • On a temporary visit for tourism or business purpose (eVisitor subclass 601).

To grant this visa you must not work in Australia: The DHA has made it very clear that you do not have any rights to work if you are a Visitor visa or ETA visa holder and it turns out to be the one among the most important Australia Visitor visa requirements.

Health Requirements: To become eligible for the Australia Visitor visa, you are required to satisfy certain health requirements. Undoubtedly, living in Australia requires you to meet certain minimum health standards and it is one of the most essentials in the Australia Visitor visa requirements. In most of the cases, it depends on the personal circumstances like:

  • Your country of citizenship.
  • Length of stay in Australia.
  • The time you spent during the last five years in another country.
  • Your proposed activities in Australia.

You have to undergo a health examination during the time of applying for the visa and provide a certificate stating that you and any of your accompanying family members are free of any disease. In many cases, the health examination can be organized before the lodging of the visa application and health reports examined by the departments to determine whether you meet the requirements.

Health Insurance: While in Australia, you are responsible for all the health-related expenses. Since you are not covered by the national healthcare scheme (Medicare), it is advisable to have health insurance for the length of your stay in Australia. In case of those visa holders from countries where reciprocal health care agreements are there, only necessary health care is provided by Medicare. As such being the case, any Visitor visa holder needs to have comprehensive health insurance coverage before travelling to Australia.

Character Requirements: Your character is also assessed for the Section 501 of the Migration Act 1958 insists on having a good character, which is proved by submitting a police certificate received in the last 12 months or more from the country you have lived in the last ten years. You fail the character test if you:

  •  Have a significant criminal record.
  •  Have been pronounced guilty of escaping from immigration detention.
  • Are suspected of being involved with people engaged in illegal activities like smuggling, genocide, people trafficking, etc.
  • Are proved to be not a person of good character due to your past and present criminal record.

Support yourself financially: You are granted any category of Australia Visitor visa only if you can support yourself with enough money while staying in Australia.

Provide Biometrics: The Australia Visitor visa requirements also include providing biometrics at the time of application.

Outstanding Debts:  You must not have any outstanding debts to the Government of Australia or in case you have debts, you should have made arrangements to repay those before the Visitor visa is granted.

Your obligations: Once the visa is granted, you must abide by the visa conditions and Australian laws. The visitor visa forbids you from:

  • Working in Australia; however, you can undertake unpaid voluntary activities during the time of your visit.
  • Studying or training for more than three months in Australia.

In case you travel to Australia on a visitor visa and is sponsored by a family member, then you have the same obligations of a Sponsored Family Stream visa holder.

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