Australia Student Visa Requirements

The Australia student visa requirements help you determine your eligibility for the Australian Student visa (subclass 500). Students, irrespective of any country, yearn to study in the best educational institutions around the world. Among the few popular destinations, Australia figures to be the favourite one for its world-class education system, diverse cultures, friendly people, and reasonably low cost of living. With innumerable institutions offering a range of courses, you will not find it difficult to choose the most suitable course at your desired university or institution. However, you need to meet the following eligibility criteria to meet the Australia Student visa requirements.

australia student visa requirements

Essential – Australian Student Visa Requirements (Subclass 500)

To live and study the desired course in a leading educational institution in Australia, you must have a valid Australian Student Visa (Subclass 500). By fulfilling the following Australia student visa requirements, you can obtain it without any delay.

Age: One of the essential Australia student visa requirements is the age, where you must be at least six years old as a school student, irrespective of any country you belong to when applying for the visa. You must be of appropriate age to have the Australian Student visa granted. The age requirements for the school studies are as follows:

  • Minimum 6 years old at the time of applying for the visa.
  • You must be less than 17 years old at the starting of the year 9.
  • You must be less than 18 years old at the starting of year 10.
  • You must be less than 19 years old at the starting of year 11.
  • You must be less than 20 years old at the starting of year 12.

Welfare Arrangements: The student visa 500 requires you to have sufficient welfare arrangements in place for the length of time of your stay. Where you are under 18 years of age, other than having enough welfare arrangements, you must meet any of the following:

  • Nominate a student guardian who can be anyone like your parent, legal custodian, or family member over 21 years. The person nominated must be a visa holder who stays in Australia until the length of the time of student visa or until you become 18.
  • Where your parent, legal custodian, or family member over 21 years apply for the Student Guardian visa (Subclass 590) to accompany you, then you need to furnish evidence of the same.
  • Get your welfare arrangements approved by the education provider by issuing a letter of Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare (CAAW). This letter must mention the start and end of the welfare arrangements.
  • In the case of being a secondary exchange student, you must furnish your Acceptance Advice of Secondary Exchange Student (AASES).

The welfare arrangements must be in place until the time you become 18 years old. The student visa requires you to have this arrangement before you travel to Australia and any breach of this condition will result in the cancellation of the visa.

The education provider who approves your welfare arrangements need to issue a CAAW with a minimum period stated as the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) period and additional seven days at the end of the CoE, or the time until you become 18 years old. The responsibility for your welfare should be taken by the education provider at the least a week before the course starts.

Enrolment in a Course: The Australia Student visa requirements ask you for enrolment in a course, which is registered on the CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students). You must attach a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) for the course you intended to study with the application in case you are applying from outside Australia. Where you intend to study more than one course, then the CoE codes of all the courses you propose to study must be provided in the application form; otherwise, the visa will be issued only for the CoE provided. The letter of offer instead of CoE from the education provider will not be accepted in this case.

Nevertheless, there are some exceptions and you are not required to give the Confirmation of Enrolment in case you:

  • Come under the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade or Australian Department of Defence sponsorship. You need to however provide a letter of support in both the cases.
  • Are a secondary exchange student and you give an Acceptance Advice of Secondary Exchange Student (AASES) form.
  • Are a postgraduate research student who has to stay in Australia for the marking of thesis and you submit a letter stating it from your education provider.

Where you are a student applying for the visa in Australia, you can attach one or more letters of offer from the education provider, with the application; however, to have the visa granted you need to obtain and submit the CoE(s).

australia student visa requirements


Genuine Temporary Entrant: GTE is a primary requirement for granting a student visa and it applies to everyone applying for the student visa. The purpose of the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement is that the student uses the visa program as intended and not for acquiring ongoing Australia permanent residency.

With this GTE requirement, the immigration office will identify those applicants whose motive of using the student visa program is not gaining a quality education; instead, it is else other. Through the GTE statement, you should show that your visit and stay in Australia is temporary and to gain a quality education.

However, the GTE requirement does not prevent those students who acquire skills after studying in Australia to meet the job requirement demanded by the Australian labour market and apply visa for a permanent residency. The Genuine Temporary Entrant is a personal statement written in English by the applicant and it shows the personal circumstances of the applicant, which is considered to make a decision. The generic statements provided must be supported by evidence.

Those who cannot write the GTE statement in English can write it in their language which they find it comfortable to use and then translate it into English. The following evidence should be provided, along with the GTE statement.

  • Academic history, where the certificates obtained and transcripts showing the qualification, length of study and name of the education provider.
  • If any gap in-between studies, the reason for it.
  • Details of the present employment, which must include the name and address of the employer, the position held and period of employment. You must also mention the name and contact details of a person who could verify your employment terms.
  • Ties to resident country showing the family, financial and social connections. Here you have to provide evidence of substantial incentives you have in returning home after the course.
  • Economic considerations in your country showing job or business activities for twelve months before you submit your visa application, a job opportunity after the completion of the course, bank statements, or income tax return reports.

English Language Skills: You are required to possess necessary English language skills as an Australian Student visa requirement to apply for student visa subclass 500. The following are the acceptable test score in the English language from the providers.

English Language Test Minimum test score Minimum test score (combined with not less than 10 weeks ELICOS) Minimum test score (combined with not less than 20 weeks ELICOS)
International English Language Testing System (IELTS) 5.5 5 4.5
TOEFL internet-based test 46 35 32
Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) paper-based 527 500 450
Cambridge English: Advanced (Certificate in Advanced English) 162 154 147
Pearson Test of English Academic 42 36 30
Occupational English Test A or B A or B A or B


Evidence Showing English Language Efficiency: Your English language efficiency must be supported by the evidence. Where no evidence is attached to the visa application, your visa would be rejected.

australia student visa requirements


Financial Capacity: According to the Australia Student visa requirements, you must have sufficient money to pay for the course fees, as well as travel expenses and staying in Australia. If any of your family members are accompanying you, then their expenses are also to be met with. Enough evidence showing the financial capacity must be attached to the application. As for the evidence, you can furnish any of the following:

  • Evidence showing sufficient funds to cover all the expenses such as the flight to Australia, course fee, 12 months living in Australia, and schooling costs for you and family members.
  • The evidence that shows you satisfy the annual income requirement.
  • AASES (Acceptance Advice of Secondary Exchange Student) form filled in and signed. This is for only secondary exchange students.
  • A letter of support issued by the Department of Defence or Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, where you are sponsored by any of the department.

If you do not provide evidence of your financial status with the visa application, your visa would be rejected without requests for any information.

Health Requirements: You will become eligible for the Australian Student visa if you satisfy certain health requirements. Undoubtedly, living in Australia requires you to meet certain minimum health standards and it is one of the most essentials in the Australia Student visa requirements. In most of the cases, it depends on the personal circumstances like:

  • Your country of citizenship.
  • Length of stay in Australia.
  • The time you spent during the last five years in another country.
  • Your proposed activities in Australia.

You have to undergo health examinations during the time of applying for the visa and provide a certificate stating that you and any of your accompanying family members are free of any disease. Nevertheless, the health examination can be organized before the lodging of the visa application and health reports examined by the departments to determine whether you satisfy the Australia student visa requirements.

Health Insurance: While in Australia, you are responsible for all the health-related expenses. Since you are not covered by the national healthcare scheme (Medicare), it is advisable to have health insurance for the length of your stay in Australia. You can have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) to help you with medical and hospital insurance in Australia.

The OSHC is arranged by the education provider for it entering Australia without insurance coverage is a breach according to the condition 8501 in the visa. Whether the insurance is arranged by yourself or the education provider, you need to furnish the health insurance provider’s name, the starting and finishing dates of the policy and policy number.

Character Requirements: Your character is also assessed for the Section 501 of the Migration Act 1958 insists on having a good character, which is proved by submitting a police certificate received in the last 12 months or more from the country you have lived in the last ten years. You fail the character test if you:

  •  Have a significant criminal record.
  •  Have been pronounced guilty of escaping from immigration detention.
  • Are suspected of being involved with people engaged in illegal activities like smuggling, genocide, people trafficking, etc.
  • Are proved to be not a person of good character due to your past and present criminal record.

The student visa application requires you to provide answers to many character-related questions and based on the answers your character is assessed.

Family Members Accompanying You: Your family members who want to accompany you can have a combined application form or can submit an application form to join yours later. However, you need to declare them in your visa application; otherwise, they became your family member after the student visa is granted, for example, a new-born baby.

ELICOS: Where you apply for the English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students (ELICOS) as a standalone course for over 12 months, then you have to furnish enough information and also satisfy the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement.

australia student visa requirements

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