Australia Student Visa Processing Time


The Australia Student visa processing time varies based on the stream you apply for. Nevertheless, the individual circumstances also lead to the Australia Student visa processing time changes and a few of them to mention below are:


  • How quickly you lodge the visa application with all the essential supporting documents.
  • Your prompt response to the requests for more information.
  • Time taken to complete the necessary verifications on supporting information you provided in the application.
  • Length of time taken to receive extra information regarding health, character, etc., from external agencies.


australia student visa processing time



For the latest Australia Student visa processing time, you can find it for the different streams of the Student visa (subclass 500) below.


Australian Student Visa (Subclass 500) Stream


  • Foreign Affairs or Defence Sector: The Australia Student visa processing time for this subclass 500 stream is based on the date you lodge the visa application. However, the seventy five percent of applications is processed in 25 days while the ninety percent of those in 48 days.


  • Postgraduate Research Sector: This stream of the Student visa takes a longer time to process, where the seventy five percent of the applications are processed in 49 days and ninety percent by 74 days.


  • Non-Award Sector: Since the Australian Student visa contributes to the economy of the country, it is processed as quickly as possible. The non-award sector stream takes the least Australia Student visa processing time with 75 percent of the applications processed in 6 days and 90 percent in 22 days.


  • School Sector Students: The school students who take part in a secondary exchange programme can apply for the Student visa (subclass 500). The processing time for the seventy five percent and ninety percent visa applications is 43 days and 77 days respectively.
  • Independent ELICOS Sector: The Australian Student visa (subclass 500) under the Independent ELICOS Sector stream take a long processing time of 37 days and 68 days for the processing of 75 percent and 90 percent visa applications respectively.


  • Vocational Education and Training Sector: The Student visa (subclass 500) under this stream takes the longest Australia Student visa processing time of 61 days and 82 days for 75 percent and 90 percent of applications submitted for processing.


  • Higher Education Sector: When 75 percent of subclass 500 visa applications under this stream are processed within 25 days, the 90 percent of applications are done within 46 days.



Let what may be the Australia Student visa processing time, it is important to find the assistance of a visa consultant who can help you with all the information, as well as the application of the same. Though the above details help you know the current student visa processing times, it is important to ensure that your visa falls under the given processing time. This can happen if you have submitted a completed application with all the support documents. The visa if granted will allow you to stay and study in Australia up to five years.



australia student visa processing time



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