Australia Skilled 189 190 491 Visa Requirements

Immigration Australia is the mantra today among the innumerable proposed migrants who wish to live and work in Australia for an indefinite time. Promising better living standards, jobs for skilled workers and education, you can migrate and establish in any of the places in the state or territory in Australia. If you are looking for skilled migration and have a real intention to migrate to Australia, then you can apply for the Australian Skilled visa. And to get the same, you have to meet some of the essential Australia Skilled 189 190 491 Visa Requirements, which are detailed below.


189 190 491 Visa Requirements

Essential Australia Skilled 189 190 491 Visa Requirements

The first step in the process is to determine your eligibility by filling in and submitting the Expression of Interest (EOI). The details listed in the EOI carry certain points, and you need to score a minimum of 65 points to get qualified for the Australia Skilled Visa.


Skilled Occupation: The Australia Skilled 189 190 491 Visa Requirements necessitate that you nominate a skilled job in the SkillSelect, which lists all the employment opportunities based on the requirements given by the Department of Jobs and Small Business, which is entrusted with the task of figuring out the regional skill shortages in Australia by reviewing them periodically in the Australian labour market. You can find the employment matching your skillset in the “Consolidated Current List of Eligible Skilled Occupations”, which is categorised to show the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) and the Medium- and Long-term Shortage Skills List (MLTSSL).

After you have nominated your occupation, the list offers information about the assessing authorities so that you can choose a relevant authority to help you with the assessment, as well as with the information such as skills and qualifications and work experience. The ANZSCO, which stands for the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupation, can also help you with further details on this. As for any removal of the occupation from the list by the Department of Jobs and Small Business after the review, it is better to get the updates from the consultants, who keep themselves abreast with the changes.


189 190 491 Visa Requirements


Skills Assessment: The skilled employment nomination requires an assessment of your skills to show that they are suitable for the occupation selected. The authority relevant to your occupation decides on the criteria for the assessment of your skills, which complies with the professional standards. In this case, a university or trade qualification helps to get a positive assessment, while some occupations require you to show relevant work experience too.

As assessments might take time, it is essential to contact the particular assessing authority and gather details of the timeframes and procedures of the assessment. You can also fix your assessment with the assessing authority at the time of submitting your EOI. The scanned copies of the assessment are inevitable for the approval of your application, and as such, they should be attached and send with the application for the Australia Skilled Visa.


Educational Qualification: Your education should be relevant to your nominated employment and comparable to a degree, diploma, or trade qualification in Australia. In case you have studied in an Australian institution for a university or trade qualification for at least two years, this is considered to determine the eligibility for the Australian Skilled Visa.


189 190 491 Visa Requirements


Work Experience: To come under the Australia Skilled Visa Requirements eligibility, you must have work experience, and it should have been gained in the last ten years. You must have done skilled employment which is listed in the Skilled Occupation List in Australia or the one that is similar to the nominated occupation. You earn the maximum points of 20 for the skilled occupation within Australia, while for a similar one in any other country is 15 points.


English Language Skills: Australian immigration under the skilled visa demands English language skills, and you have points for various levels of English competency. For the migration purpose, there are various levels such as Superior English, Proficient English, Competent English, Vocational English and Functional English.

You must have at least Competent English skills, and it is essential for the General Skilled Migration, Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS), or Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) visas. Though you do not score any points for having the competent English ability, it is a threshold requirement for migration to Australia. Nevertheless, the holders of passport of the countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, New Zealand and Ireland are not required to take the English tests to prove their proficiency in the language.

The vocational and functional levels are not required for the General Skilled Migration visa; instead, they are for international students and secondary applicants who do not want to pay the English language charge. As for English proficiency, you need to provide evidence of your English level, which can be:

  • A Test Report Form issued by the IELTS (International English Language Testing System), wherein you must have acquired a minimum score 6 in each of the four parts of listening, reading, writing and speaking.
  • An Occupation English Test (OET) score of at least B in all the four sections mentioned above.
  • TOEFL –iBT (Test of English as a Foreign Language – Internet-based Test) minimum score of 12, 13, 21 and 18 in the four sections of listening, reading, writing and speaking respectively.
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic, where you must score minimum 50 in each of the four parts.
  • Cambridge English of Advanced English (CAE), with at least 169 again in each of the LSRW section.

The eligibility of the above tests is considered if it is taken in three years before the application for the Skilled visa Australia.


Age under 45 years: As for the skilled visa immigration, you must be under 45 years of age. Though you score points for being under the age groups, the maximum point is 30 if you fall under the age group of 25-32. The following table shows the age group and the points you score.


Age Points
18-24 25
25-32 30
33-39 25
40-44 15
45-49 0



Regional Study: The Australian Skilled Visa requirements also make you eligible if you have a degree, diploma, or trade qualification from a university or school in a regional part of Australia or a metropolitan city, having lower population growth in Australia. Nonetheless, you must have studied for two years there.


189 190 491 Visa Requirements


Community Language Skills: There are eligibility points for being a proficient interpreter or translator in any of the designated Australian community languages. In such a case, you should be recognized by NAATI (National Accreditation Authority of Translators and Interpreters in Australia. This credential helps earn five points and improve your chances of eligibility.


Professional Year: The Australia skilled visa gives you an advantage and points if you are an international student and stayed in Australia for four years, thus completing a Professional Year before applying for the permanent residency. During the time you should have undergone formal learning in a university in Australia and relevant employment and received the Professional Year from any of the organisations like the Australian Computer Society, CPA Australia, Institute of Public Accountants, Engineers Australia, or Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand.


Nomination and Sponsorship: The nomination by the Australian state or territory government in case of the Skilled Nominated visa (Subclass 190) gives 5 points and for Skilled Nominated visa (Provincial) (Subclass 491) gives 15 point to make you eligible for the Australia skilled visa program.


Health and Character: Living in Australia requires you to meet certain minimum health standards, and this is one of the most essentials in the Australian skilled visa requirements. In most of the cases, it depends on the personal circumstances and the type of skilled visa you wish to apply. Nonetheless, you have to undergo a health examination during the time of applying for the visa and provide a certificate stating that you and any of your accompanying family members are free of any disease. In many cases, the health examination is arranged and health reports examined by the departments to determine whether you meet the requirements. Likewise, your character is also assessed for the Section 501 of the Migration Act 1958 insists on having a good character, which is proved by submitting a police certificate received in the last 12 months or more from the country you have lived in the last ten years.


Invitation to Apply: An invitation to apply for the Australia skilled visa is sent when you meet the eligibility requirements mentioned above and scored 65  points in the points test.


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The above information gives you enough knowledge about immigration process to Australia; however, it is important to find assistance and guidance of an expert to get to know the points-test system and the points score on each category to successfully apply for the Australian PR.

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