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australia immigration

Australia Immigration – Each year, around 600,000 people from around the globe come to Australia with the dream of making this magnificent country their home. High rates of employment to skilled individuals, world-class educational institutions, urban centers like Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide, high wages and cultural richness, that is both flamboyant and austere, attract thousands of people attempting to chase their Australia immigration dreams, wanting to work, study and stay in this beautiful country. No wonder it is one of the top immigration destinations of the world, especially India where thousands of people apply for immigration to Australia from India. Australia is a land of unlimited opportunities and is a top choice for people wanting to immigrate for a better life, quality education and the perks of living in a safe and secure society.

australia immigration
australia immigration

When you decide to move to Australia, you are taking a decision that can change your life dramatically and most importantly, for the better. You are giving your children academic opportunities not seen, or difficult to chase, in India. You are also giving them a life of a higher, better quality in an environment that is conducive to getting the best out of their inherent potential. You are giving yourself and your spouse the opportunity to live, and grow in a culture that accepts, welcomes and celebrates diversity. You are giving yourself the opportunity to rise through your career on the basis of pure merit. When you immigrate to Australia, you are going to a better place to carve a better future.


Australia Immigration Point System

Australia Immigration Point System
Australia Immigration Point System

Australia has a robust and highly organized points-based system for immigration. The Australia immigration point system works favorably for any skilled individual wishing to immigrate to Australia. Shortage of key skills opens new doors for individuals capable of fulfilling these shortcomings and gives them an opportunity to chase an Australia immigration successfully.


Immigration to Australia is based on merit, qualifications and the ability to perform key skills. If the skills you have to offer come under the Government’s Skill Shortage program, you have a better chance of getting invited to work, settle and enjoy life in Australia. Individuals looking for immigration to Australia from India can do so by either opting for skilled migration or through the assistance of a partner or parent visa.


Immigration Australia Permanent Residency

Immigration Australia Permanent Residency
Immigration Australia Permanent Residency with australia immigration

Let us see how you can get closer to your chance to obtain a Permanent Visa for immigration to Australia.


  1. Skilled Migration Visa

This is the most popular category of visas sought by individuals looking for an Australia immigration from India. This is also the surest way for immigration as you would be enhancing the skilled workforce of Australia through your own unique skills. This is an excellent way for Australia to attract skilled, talented and highly motivated individuals with employable skills. That the majority of applicants use the Australia skilled immigration route is a testament to its popularity.


There are different types of Australian Skilled Visa categories, like

  • Skilled – Independent Visa
  • Skilled – Nominated Visa
  • Skilled – Sponsored (Provisional) Visa
  • Skilled – Regional Visa
  • Labour Agreements


Candidates wishing to migrate to Australia need to fulfill certain basic criteria for the General Skilled Migration (GSM) Program and also pass the points test to qualify for a visa under this category. If your skill is mentioned under the Skilled Occupations List, it means that Australia is in need of this particular skill set more and you are better suited to immigrate to Australia.


Once your skill is mentioned in the Skilled Occupations List, you have to start the process of immigration by submitting an online Expression of Interest (EOI). Your profile will receive points based on criteria like age, skills, educational qualifications, language proficiency, etc. if your profile is good enough to be accepted, you will receive a nomination from either an employer or a state or territory of Australia to apply for a visa.


If you already have an employment offer from an Australian business, you can apply for a Sponsored Visa, under the Skilled Migrant category, if your business undertakes to sponsor you. Your employer can submit an application for sponsoring or nominating you. You can then apply for a Sponsored Visa for your Australia immigration based on your employer’s application for sponsorship. Getting assistance from an experienced consultant like My Immigration Help can get your success rates of immigration Australia permanent residency higher.



  1. Australian Partner Visa

    Australian Partner Visa
    Australian Partner Visa

Being married to an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen gives you the opportunity to apply for a Partner Visa if you meet all the other criteria for immigration. You can also apply for this visa if you are planning to marry or are in a de facto relationship with such a person.


There are two types of partner visas that one can apply for depending upon their current status and residence. A temporary partner visa (subclass 309) can be applied for either if the spouse or partner is staying outside Australia at the time of application and subsequent approval of the visa application, or if the partner is already residing in Australia on an earlier related visa and is wishing to switch to a temporary (subclass 820) or permanent (subclass 801) partner visa.


There is an obvious limit to sponsorship under this category, particularly in the case when the sponsoring partners themselves were previously sponsored under the same category or have previously sponsored a partner. Such and other factors can weigh heavily on scrutiny of such visa applications for Australia immigration from India. Failure to meet the legal requirements may invalidate your application and lead to visa refusal. This can lead to wastage of time, costs, and emotional energy. With our extensive experience in Australian immigration laws and procedures, we are in a unique position to oversee your visa application and guide you on any possible shortcomings and assure a high level of success in your Australia immigration.


  1. Australian Parent Visa

If you are a parent of an Australian citizen, you can apply for a Parent’s visa, one that has been sponsored by your son or daughter. There are currently six classes (sub classes 103, 173, 143, 804, 884, 864) of visas that parents of Australian citizens can apply for Australia immigration. A parent category visa allows you to stay in Australia for up to 2 years as a temporary resident or indefinitely as a permanent resident.


To apply for immigration Australia laws require you to fulfill certain criteria. The most important among them is that your child should have lawfully lived in Australia for 2 years before you apply for a parent category visa. You should also meet the minimum health and character requirements prescribed by immigration Australia laws.


In all of the six classes of visas under this category, the parent should be able to fulfill the balance of family test. This test is specifically designed to determine your links with Australia. A parent is said to meet the test requirements if at least half of the children live permanently in Australia or a majority of them are living permanently in Australia than in any other country.


If you decide to live with your children in Australia, you can be assured of some of the best healthcare facilities and expertise in the world. The regular facilities that the Government and local authorities provide to senior citizens are of extremely high quality and are meant to make the everyday lives of the elderly as easy and enjoyable as possible.


  1. Australian Child Visa

The child visa allows a child is currently residing outside, or in, Australia to permanently reside with his or her parents in Australia. To apply for this visa, the parent needs to be an Australian citizen, holder of an Australian permanent resident visa or a New Zealand citizen.


Child visas for Australia immigration are of four classes –101, 102, 802 and 445. Child visa 101 is applicable to children whose both biological parents are residing in Australia. The child can apply for this visa to stay with both the parents in Australia. The child, however, must be under 18 years of age and the application, and subsequent acceptance, of the visa, must be done from the home country, where the child is living currently.


Child visa 102 allows parents to bring children they have adopted outside Australia to come and reside with them. In this case, too, the application has to be done from the child’s home country. Child visa 802 allows children currently living in Australia to extend their visas and child visa 445 allows parents who are on temporary partner visas to get their child along to live with them in Australia. This is a temporary visa and can become permanent once the partner’s visa becomes permanent. We, as your premier Australia immigration consultants, will help you in processing your children’s visa application so that you would soon have the joy of living life with a complete family soon.


Immigration Process for Australia from India

Immigration Process for Australia from India
Immigration Process for Australia from India

Immigration to any foreign country can be a daunting and overwhelming task. And the immigration process for Australia isn’t any simpler. Yet, the points-based immigration system is by far superior to most countries’ processes and gives deserving applicants a fair chance of realizing their Australia immigration dreams.


If you are going to apply for an Australian visa under the Parents Visa, Child Visa or Partner Visa category, you really have your work cut out. Under the Skilled Migrant category, you really need to present yourself as a candidate whose experience, skills and qualifications would be an exceptional addition to the economy of Australia, to stand a chance to get an invitation to immigrate to Australia.


Let us delve deeper into the common question of how to immigrate to Australia. The first step in your Australia immigration from India process is to find out whether your skills are listed in Skilled Occupations List (SOL) or Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List (CSOL). Once you find that it is, the next step would be to get all your academic and professional credentials duly appraised. The next step would be to show proof of linguistic competence, by appearing and passing with good grades an English language examination like IELTS.


You can use an Australia immigration points calculator to assess how many points you would score on Skill Select, Australia’s official online Expression of Interest (EOI) application platform. You need to then fill up an online EOI after which it is assessed. If your EOI is chosen, you will get exactly 60 days to furnish all documentary and other requirements. Your application is then assessed and if it passes all mandatory requirements, you are invited to apply for a visa. This is the beginning of your Australia immigration journey.


My Immigration Help – Best Immigration Consultants for Australia, Canada, New Zealand In Delhi, India, Adelaide, Australia. 

My Immigration Help is a venture backed by more than two and a half decades’ worth of experience by Founder-Director, Mr. SanjayaiKapoor. We are Registered Migration Consultants and Licensed Immigration Advisers for providing immigration assistance for Australia, New Zealand and Canada.We provide visa consultancy for Australia and our success rate is close to 100 percent. We bring all our experience and expertise to help you through the process of migration to realize your dream of settling in a country that offers a very high quality of life, safety, security and potential for growth.


Our Head Office is in Adelaide, Australia and is headed by Mr. Sanjayai Kapoor himself along with Mrs. Prerna Kapoor, who is a Registered Migration Agent for Australia and Mr. Denis Korobov who is our Canada Immigration Consultant. All our team members have experienced firsthand the fruits of successful immigration and use this experience to help thousands of others, just like you, to achieve their dreams of immigrating to Australia, New Zealand or Canada. We have been instrumental in providing successful immigration services to Australia to hundreds of happy and satisfied clients from India and across the globe in more than a decade.


Our India office is located in New Delhi and we are among the premier Immigration Consultants for Australia in Delhi NCR. Having migrated from India himself and found splendid success in a rich and open culture that is conducive to career-defining growth, Sanjayai has amassed a wealth of knowledge in the field of immigration, FMCG sales, international trade and recruitment and the legal nitty-gritty of migration.


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