New Zealand Student Visa Cost

Most New Zealand Visas, for most countries, come with an associated application fee. The cost will depend on the type of visa you’re applying for. To know the New Zealand Student Visa Cost, go to Fees Finder section on Immigration New Zealand site.

New Zealand Student Visa Cost
New Zealand Student Visa Cost

Your country of citizenship and where you are now will also affect the cost. You can use Fees finder to find out how much your visa application will cost.

When you apply for some residence and temporary visas, you will have to pay an Immigration Levy. The levy helps Immigration New Zealand to pay the costs of settling in new immigrants. If visa application includes more than four people, you’ll only need to pay the levy for the four eldest members of your family.

New Zealand Student Visa Processing Time

Most New Zealand student visa applications are processed within 3 to 4 weeks, but they can take longer in some situations. Applications may take longer to process if  New Zealand Immigration needs to check student information or request more information from the applicant. Sometimes, student visa applicant is supposed to appear in face to face interview with the visa officer. For an indication of New Zealand Student Visa processing time, please click here.

To lodge your New Zealand student visa application, you will need to provide the documents outlined in the checklist provided on the Immigration New Zealand website  In relation to your financials, it is strongly recommended that you take advantage of the Funds Transfer Scheme (FTS) offered by the ANZ bank.

Advantages of Fund Transfer Scheme for New Zealand Student Visa

Fund Transfer Scheme (FTS)  is for those students who genuinely intend to study in New Zealand but have no access to funding older than six months. In FTS, students need to transfer the living expense of 12 months to ANZ Bank in New Zealand. The amount deposited in the bank is locked for 12 months and student can withdraw it on a pre-arranged basis.

After the lodgment of your visa application, and once you have received the “Approval in Principle (AIP) ” of your New Zealand student visa from the Immigration New Zealand, you will need to pay your 1st years tuition fees to the respective institution.

At this point, the students using FTS will also need to transfer their living expenses contribution to their ANZ bank account.