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Australian Visas

Australia has more than 100 types of visa.  These visas are divided into various categories. For example, we have General Skilled Migration Visa, Family Visa, Tourist Visa, Partner Visa, Parents Visa, Work Visa, and Child Visa and so on. Within each visa category, we have various Sub class. Australian General Skilled Migration category has 3 Sub Class of visas (189, 190 & 489)

How to decide Visa class?

Firstly, you have to decide purpose of Australia visa

Secondly, you have to identify the place of visa application (for some visas).

For an example, if you are applying from India on the basis of your relationship with Australian partner then you need to apply offshore Partner Visa (Subclass 309).

If you want to apply for Australian immigration based on your skill, then you have three options:

  1. Visa Subclass – 189: Skilled Independent
  2. Visa Subclass –190: Skilled Nominated
  3. Visa Subclass –489: Skilled Regional

If you want to apply for Australian Partner Visa, then you have following options:

  1. Visa Subclass 300: Prospective Marriage
  2. Visa Subclass 309: Partner (Provisional)
  3. Visa Subclass 820: Partner
  4. Visa Subclass 100: Partner
  5. Visa Subclass 801: Partner

Are you looking for assistance in finding right Australian Visas for you?  If yes, just get in touch with Immigration Help (www.myimmigrationhelp.com).

Depends on your individual circumstances, our immigration consultants will identify the right Australian visa for you.  Immigration Consultants working with Immigration Help are MARA Agent, Australia, Licensed Adviser New Zealand Immigration & ICCRC Consultant Canada. Mr. Kapoor is the Australian MARA Agent in Delhi, Licensed Adviser New Zealand Immigration in Delhi.

Immigration Help is the visas consultants for Australia, Canada, New Zealand & deals into:

  1. Australian Student Visas
  2. Australian Immigration Visas
  3. Australian Business Visas
  4. Australian Working Visas
  5. Australian Partner Visas
  6. Australian Visitor Visa
  7. Australian Tourist Visa
  8. Australian Student Visas
  9. New Zealand   Immigration Visas
  10.  New Zealand Business Visas
  11. New Zealand Working Visas
  12. New Zealand Partner Visas
  13. New Zealand Visitor Visa
  14. New Zealand Tourist Visa
  15. Canada   Immigration Visas
  16. Canada Business Visas
  17. Canada Working Visas
  18. Canada Partner Visas
  19. Canada Visitor Visa
  20. Canada Tourist Visa
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