Australian Resident Return Visa Requirements


To be eligible for an Australian  Resident Return Visa (RRV) you must be one of the following:

  • an Australian permanent resident;
  • a former Australian permanent resident whose last permanent visa was not cancelled;
  • A former Australian Citizen who lost or renounced your citizenship.

A RRV may be granted for 5 years, 1 year or 3 months depending on the circumstances. Three of the most common options are detailed below.

5 year RRV:

To meet the requirements for a 5 year RRV you must have spent 2 of the last 5 years in Australia as a permanent resident or citizen.

1 year RRV:

If you have not spent at least 2 years out of the last 5 in Australia then you may be eligible for the shorter validity RRV. To meet requirements for a 1 year RRV:

  • You must not have been absent from Australia for a period of five continuous years or more since the grant of your most recent permanent visa or since you ceased being a citizen, unless there was a compelling reason for your absence;
  • You must also be able to demonstrate that you have substantial ties to Australia.

3 month RRV:

To meet requirements for a 3 month RRV:

  • You must have spent at least one day in the last five years lawfully in Australia.
  • You must have spent less than two years in the last five years in Australia.
  • You must have been a permanent resident or an Australian citizen for the entire period spent in Australia.
  • You must show that there is a compelling and compassionate reason for your departure.


Australian Resident Return Visa Frequently Asked Questions


Who is the resident return visa for?

A Resident Return visa is for an Australian permanent resident who wants to travel overseas and return to Australia as a permanent resident.

How do I know if I am eligible for a resident return visa?

You may be eligible for a resident return visa if:

You are an Australian permanent resident

A former permanent resident whose last permanent visa was not canceled

A former Australian citizen who lost or renounced their citizenship

You have lived in Australia as a holder of the permanent resident visa for at least 2 years in

the past 5 years OR you can satisfy the substantial ties requirement (personal, business,

employment or cultural ties of benefit to Australia)

How long will my resident return visa be granted for?

If you have lived in Australia as a permanent resident for at least 2 years of the past 5 years, the Subclass 155 will have a 5-year travel facility from the date of grant. If you have been granted the Subclass 155 based on substantial ties of benefit to Australia, then your travel facility will be for 3 months from the date of grant. If you are granted a Subclass 157, the travel facility will be for 3 months from the date of grant.

I have been in Australia for a long time and have not traveled. What do I need to do to show I am a permanent resident so I can travel outside Australia and get back in?

You must obtain a Resident Return Visa. There are a few different types of these visas; the one which is appropriate for you will be determined by a number of factors like your stay in Australia, your ties with Australia etc.

Do I need a Resident Return Visa (RRV)?

Everybody, except Australian citizens and New Zealand citizens traveling on their New Zealand passport, must have a visa to travel to Australia. If you are a permanent resident of Australia and intend to travel away from Australia, you should ensure that you have a visa, which is valid for re- entry, on your return to Australia. This visa can be your original permanent resident visa, or a Resident Return Visa, as long as it authorizes travel to Australia on the date you return. The visa can be in your current passport or in an expired passport that you also carry with you while you travel.

Can I continue to use my permanent residence visa when my passport expires?

When your passport with a valid Australia permanent residence visa expires, the visa does not become invalid. You may choose to have your existing visa reprinted into your new passport (processing fee applies), or you may merely carry your old passport (with valid visa) and your new passport together, whenever traveling in or out of Australia.

What do I do once I migrate to Australia and the re-entry component of my permanent residence visa expires?

Once in Australia, permanent residents only need to obtain a subsequent resident return visa if and when they wish to leave Australia. Permanent resident visas provide for an indefinite stay in Australia

My  passport will expire before my visa is due to expire?

This is not a problem you may travel with both your new passport and your old passport with the visa attached. Alternatively, you may approach any DIBP office in the world and get your visa re-evidenced in your new passport. There may be a charge for this.

Can I apply for the RRV even though my permanent residency visa has expired?

You can still meet the eligibility requirements for an RRV even if your permanent residency visa has expired

Do I need to be in Australia at the time of lodgement?

Generally speaking, no

Is there any limit on the number of RRV that I can be granted?


If my application is refused, can I apply again?