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Australia Immigration

Every person has the same goal in life, to have a better future and have a better life. There is no denial that we tend to search for this wish as we always look for something that we are longing for. Australian immigration is one of this decisions that almost every person are set in to their "to do list" in life

When it comes to immigration, Australia immigration is often considered as one of the best option. Indeed, the country has a long history of people moving into it in order to seek a better life. 

Why to go for Australia Immigration?

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world but has the lowest population density in the world - only two people per square kilometer. A large country with very low population density translates into job opportunities for a variety of skills. No wonder then, that Australia welcomes one international migrant every 2 minutes, 38 seconds.

A perfect land with golden opportunities, prosperity, economic growth, and pleasant atmosphere – that’s Australia for you. You would find people friendly and congenial; climate equitable with mild winters and summers that one can endure.

Australia is not only counted as a developed country but is also one of the wealthiest nations in the world. With its 12th largest economy and fifth highest per capita income, settling permanently in this country is no less than a boon for the desirous. If we take a look at the social aspects, Australia has a dynamic population and is a country of festivity and grace. It’s a land of golden opportunities, thus for you migrating to Australia will be the right choice to make.

The country is witnessing rapid economic and industrial development and is in need of skilled manpower that makes it ever welcoming for skilled migrants to Australia. If you fall in the category of a skilled immigrant you can pursue to be a nurse, an engineer, a teacher, accountant etc. Australia immigration will open doors for you to prosper professionally as well as socially.

Australia has still been able to protect its market from the economic slowdown in the global market.

Australia requires nurses, engineers, teachers, accountants, and other skilled immigrants with valuable experience to start work right away. For those who wish to savior the socio-cultural milieu of this country and earn a prosper lifestyle, getting Australian Permanent Residency (PR) is the apt solution.

Benefits of Australian PR

1. Being an Australian PR, you can live in Australia indefinitely. You can enjoy the facilities of unlimited travel to and from Australia once you become a permanent resident. You can decide to be an Australian citizen after 4 years.

2. Once you are Australian PR, you also enjoy unlimited freedom to pursue the course of study that you prefer. Permanent residents have various options to choose when it comes to University education. There are certain education loans that are available only to permanent residents. These loans are extremely helpful in managing your financial crisis that may arise due to the additional expenses associated with your study.

3. Australian PR can work for any employer in any occupation.

4. As regards social security, the permanent residents must hold on for a period of two years before they are entitled to receive social security benefits like sickness, unemployment and student benefits that are offered by Australia’s Social Security Department.

5. A very important benefit that the permanent residents will enjoy is the health care entitlement. Being an Australian PR, you will enjoy the privilege of health insurance scheme run by the government called Medicare. Under Medicare, you could receive free treatment at a public hospital and subsidized medicine.

6. Australian PR can also sponsor their relatives for acquisition of permanent residence. But this is possible only after the applicant meets certain residence and support assurance pre-requisites.

7. Children of Australian PR who are born in Australia are deemed Australian citizens by birth. This will be one great advantage because they will enjoy the maximum benefits in the field of education and health care.

Whom to trust?

Each year hundreds of people immigrate to Australia in search of better jobs, settlement, and security. However, attempts to move one’s base to Australia without a registered migration agent can be damaging to the immigration process. Many lose their chances to settle in Australia just because they did not hire a registered migration agent. Not only are there added advantages to engage a legal agent, it is also safe and hassle free.

Registered Migration Agent

registered migration agent is a migration expert who is listed under the Australian Migration Agents' Registration Authority (MARA). A certified MARA expert would be able to increase chances of getting visa applications approved, finalizing the sponsorship requirements, and getting the best available options in the Australian immigration process

MARA agent would succeed in character tests, acquire Immigration Law qualifications, and conform to the code of conduct that is followed by MARA. As a result, MARA agents have a greater knowledge and commitment in ensuring smooth migration for the foreigners.

Word of Caution

Unregistered agents are illegal in Australia. Surveys show that they do more harm than good in the immigration process. Firstly, the agents are hardly aware of the updated laws and policies of migration. As a result, they provide faulty advice to the clients and fumble during the visa application procedure. In short, the clients are often left in the lurch during the immigration process midway. Before hiring the services of a consultant / agent for Australian immigration, check his registration on MARA Site ( If his details are not there, he / she is not registered. 

Today, visa application, submission, and other immigration steps are costly. It is not economical to forgo an opportunity due to the callousness of a non-licensed / non registered  migration agentWhy allow immigration issues to be handled by an illegal agent with no qualifications to manage the same? For an issue that is so important to you and your family, choose the registered migration agent to successfully get through immigration hurdles.

Why Us?

Under the guidance of our registered Australian migration agent, Mr Sanjayai Kapoor, You can trust us to do the job in the best possible way. Here are some important steps that we look into…

• Answering immigration related questions accurately
• Assisting customers to settle in locales in Australia
• Quick response

…And, we are available for all possible help that can give you an Australian PR.

Remember, we guarantee our sincere effort and efficiency in dealing with the formalities of the immigration process. Moreover, the cost of our effort would not hurt your pocket!

What’s the Next Step?

If you’d like to apply for Australian immigration, just ping us up. Australia has wonderful opportunities for those who wish to start life afresh and for those who want to taste the comforts of living in civilized country. Why wait then?  Contact Us right away. 

Our commitment:

Immigration is one of the most important steps in your life. We commit to you our honesty and integrity. 

We at Immigration Help firmly believe that immigration may be the most important decision an individual makes in his / her life. Relocation to another country takes courage and the decision is ridden with fear and anxiety of the unknown and good advice can make the difference between success and failure. Moreover, the procedure in itself is complicated and can be expensive, if not followed correctly. With Immigration Help as your consulting partner, your decisions are based on valuable pertinent information that assures success.

Don’t be afraid to make the first step. Contact Immigration Help.

Whether you are a skilled professional, or a business person looking for attractive investment and expansion opportunities, Australia beckons you.

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